Fzone P9 Clip-On LED Light/Lamp for a Music Stand

About this Fzone P9 Clip-On LED Light/Lamp for a Music Stand

This P9 10 LED orchestra light is a very useful, must-have accessory for any musician. It's a lightweight, but strong light containing 10 bright LEDs mounted onto a flexible gooseneck style arm. Not only can you point the light in any direction but it will also free-stand and clip to your music desk.

This lamp will give up to 100,000 hours of illumination. 

The unit is completely re-chargeable with 3 hours charge providing up to 5 hours of light.

  • Each LED lasts 100,000 hours
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium battery
  • 3 hours charge provides 5 hours of light
  • Stable freestanding base
  • Includes USB cable for Charging


The Tech Features:

Brand:- Fzone

Model:- P9

Lighting:- 12 LED lights

Power Supply Modes:-USB Cable, Built-in Rechargeable Battery



By: on 14 September 2018
This light is extremely handy for me, the way the room I practice in is set up I don’t get good lighting to practice, this has solved my problem in the most convinient way possible.

F zone p9 light

By: on 23 August 2018


By: on 1 June 2018
I found this light to be perfect for my needs. Its so bright, I run it on the dimmer setting. It was larger than I expected (no complaints) and just needed charging out of the box before first use. I highly recommend it.

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