Artist ELST1046 Electric Guitar Strings Gauge 10-46

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About These Strings

Top quality guitar strings that individually numbered to make string changes a breeze !

The Tech Features

Model :- ELST1046

Gauge :- Nickel Guitar Strings 10-46


Good strings, can't complain

By: DNA on 12 July 2019
Good price and great strings. This will save you lots if you change strings often. I'm not too particular about my strings. These sound good to me. Not too sparkly and not too mellow.

Great Value Strings!

By: Sebastian Mogyorossy on 22 February 2019
These strings feel great and sound bright!

Electric Strings

By: Paul on 21 December 2018
You can’t get better quality strings for this good price.

Bang for your buck

By: Annabelle on 17 October 2018
Worth it. Good quality setings that I would definitely recommend.

Not really worth the $ saving

By: Ross on 10 September 2018
Bought a pack of 5 X .009 plain steel Artist Strings. They would constantly go slack, as far as I could tell, from slightly unwinding where the string attaches to the ball end. Not coming loose at the machine head, and well stretched-in, so this seems like the only possibility. They broke fairly quickly too. As a pro player with 35 years experience, I have rarely encountered this situation with leading brands. Cheap strings, but really not worth the aggravation. So have just ordered 4 X .009 Ernie Balls from Belfield Music in WA for $9.50 inc postage.

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