Artist ELST1046 Electric Guitar Strings Gauge 10-46

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About These Strings

Top quality guitar strings that individually numbered to make string changes a breeze !

The Tech Features

Model :- ELST1046

Gauge :- Nickel Guitar Strings 10-46


Great 1st experience with Artist ELST1046 electric

By: Vince on 8 May 2020
I'm pretty impressed with the Artist electric guitar strings I purchased online. These strings tuned up and settled in as well as the better known brands I've used over the last 42 years. They hold their tune despite my style of playing with lots of bends on a Strat with the trem up floating as Leo Fender intended and are very stable. Bright enough to require rolling off the tone on my guitar when new, the Artist strings held their crisp tone quite as well as better known brands. Now after a couple of weeks of home use, they still sound good and I haven't broken any and they haven't tarnished much considering I rust everything I touch. Overall, these strings are darn good value for money and I'll purchase more soon. Highly recommended!

Great for the price!

By: Thomas on 2 April 2020
Good set of strings, works fine all things considered.

10/46 Artist guitar strings

By: BRANDON on 14 March 2020
These strings are very well priced . I have used these strings for awhile now and have to say they do the job well. I put a new set on just before a gig and they last the duration of the gig , So I have confidence in these strings. So for the price and quality I give them 2 thumbs up.

Artist guitar strings

By: Jack on 14 November 2019
Excellent quality guitar strings and at a great price. Feel and sound really good

Good strings, can't complain

By: DNA on 12 July 2019
Good price and great strings. This will save you lots if you change strings often. I'm not too particular about my strings. These sound good to me. Not too sparkly and not too mellow.

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