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Guitars Come In lots of different varieties but can be Broken down into three main types. Electric, Acoustic, and Classical Guitars. 

Electric guitars usually have a solid body, so to make a sound they need to be plugged into an amplifier. You can use them with effect pedals and different amps to make lots of different sounds. These sorts of guitars are best for rock, country, and blues music. 

Acoustic guitars Have steel strings and make sound by the strings vibrating a soundboard and projecting it through the air and out of the soundhole. Acoustics are probably the hardest of the three types to play but have the strongest sound without an amplifier. Acoustics are great for heaps of different types of music but are common in Softer pop songs and folk music.

Classical Guitars are probably the easiest guitar to play, and come in lots of different sizes, making them great for young ones to learn how to play. Classical guitars also have nylon strings, which are a lot softer on the hands. Classical's are great for flamenco and traditional styles of music and are the best option to start learning.

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