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The following are links to help you on your way to becoming musician extraordinaire

All About your guitar

Introductory Guitar Guide

Basic playing techniques

How to Read Guitar Tab for Beginners

The parts of a guitar

Detailed Information About Pickups

Tuning Guides

Guitar tuning charts

How to tune your guitar

Does Your Guitar Sound Out of Tune, Even Though Your Tuner says Otherwise?

What is a Locking Tuner and How You Are Probably Using It Wrong

Basic Online Guitar Tuner

How to Stretch the strings on your guitar

Online ukulele tuner

Online Violin Tuner


Sheet Music & Tuition / Lessons

Download sheet music

Find a guitar teacher

12 Different Kinds of Powerchords

5 Mistakes Beginners Make When Learning Guitar Online

Song Book - Video Lessons

Maintenance and set-up

Guitar maintenance tips

Basic Violin Set-up

How to Set-up your first drum kit

How to Unfold Our Music Stands

How to Setup Our Keyboard Stands

Banjo Set-up Tips

How to adjust the intonation on your electric guitar

How to adjust your truss rod and neck for greater playability

How to stop buzzing frets

How to change your Acoustic guitar strings like a pro

How to change your Classical Nylon strings like a pro

How to change your Electric Standard Tremolo (fixed bridge) guitar strings like a pro

How to change your Tune-O-Matic bridge electric guitar strings like a pro

How to change your Floating Tremolo bridge electric guitar strings like a Pro

The Trick to Tuning With a Floyd Rose Tremolo


Owners Manuals

Download Owners Manuals