Showroom Services

String Changes

We strongly recommend that you change your strings yourself. It's a great skill to have and will improve your understanding of your instrument.

We have the following string-changing guides available for you:

Acoustic (Steel String) Guitars
Classical (Nylon String) Guitars
Fixed Bridge Electric Guitars
Standard Trem Electric Guitars
Floyd Rose Style Floating Trems

If you still need a hand, we can help you out when you visit our Sydney showroom:

Type of Guitar for String Change Price Wait Time
Acoustic (steel string), fixed bridge electric guitars, and standard trem electric guitars $40 + the price of new strings One Business Day
Classical guitars and electric guitars with a Bigsby vibrato system $50 + the price of new strings One Business Day
12-string guitars $60 + the price of new strings One Business Day
Violins $40 + the price of new strings One Business Day
Electric guitars with Floyd Rose style trems We do not change strings on these guitars. We recommend speaking to Ben Collins (details below under "Repairs") -


Artist Guitars does not handle repairs in-house. If your Artist Guitars instrument is under warranty, we will gladly facilitate the repair on your behalf (and at no charge).

If your instrument is not under warranty (or if it's not an Artist Guitars product), we can refer you to some of our trusted local professionals around the Sydney area. Unfortunately, we will not be able to facilitate these repairs.

Amplifier Repairs

Chris Tarakson

Guitar Repairs

Ben Collins
Mobile: 0414 724 473

Guitar Setups

Artist Guitars come with a standard factory setup. Any further setup would be based on your personal preferences, and we do not handle this at Artist Guitars.

For adjustments of truss-rods, bridges, saddles, and nuts, or for fret dresses etc. we recommend you speak to our local Sydney guitar repairer.

Ben Collins
Mobile: 0414 724 473


If any of this confuses you or if you'd just like a bit more information, please call us on 1300 489 816 and ask to speak with Matt or Rory in the showroom.