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Born from research and development into push-pull cabling in the late 90s, Elixir was using existing guitar strings and experimenting with coatings and lubricants in their processes. This innovation led them to realise the probable benefits of string coatings when applied to guitars, and the prospective, as yet undeveloped, potential this had in store for string life, performance, and most of all – the all-important tonal qualities. 

Coating a guitar string offers protection from the natural oils we all produce from our skin, along with dust and grime that builds up. Also, with careful analysis, Elixir studied string tones, measured frequencies, and quantified the sustain rates of different coating and string materials to develop their unique strings. 

Capitalising on their newly cornered market, Elixir developed pioneering technologies in string coating, such as a specifically designed abrasion testing device, and have gone to extensive testing lengths in their development. Relying on the real-world experience of over 15,000 guitarists using their products and offering feedback, Elixir launched new and distinct coating variations to suit every player and style, and has a huge range of strings available for acoustic, electric, and bass guitars.

Known primarily for their Nanoweb, Polyweb, and Optiweb string coatings, Elixir offers high-quality strings that are known worldwide for their great tone and long life. These are superior-grade strings that are made to last, and are the string of choice for artists such as Marcus King, John Paul Jones, Newton Faulkner, and YouTube superstar Bernth Brodträger.