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Artist CLST Classical Nylon Guitar Strings Normal Tension

Save a bundle using Artist's high quality Nylon, Classical Strings designed for tone and playability.

You'll find a warm tone similar to other popular brands on the market but at a fraction of the cost!

This set includes 3 Clear Nylon and 3 Nickel Wound (nylon core) strings.  Try a set today, we're sure you'll be pleasantly surprised!

The Tech Features

Model: CLST

Gauge: Normal Tension (ideal for beginners)


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Excellent , perfect for me!

By: on 26 October 2021
Good quality strings, sound is great, such good value, speedy service! 5 Star!

Artist Guitars Response
Hello! Thank you for your great feedback on the CLST strings. It really means a lot to us!

Not very resilient strings

By: on 21 July 2021
Purchased these and the brass started to break and unspool at the frets after about 2 weeks. Not even heavy play. Got a replacement set, but haven’t checked if it’s prone to the same yet. Hopefully just one off batch issue.

Artist Guitars Response
Sorry to hear about the poor set you initially received but I'm happy we have already sent you a replacement set. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or need help with anything.

Great value strings

By: on 20 July 2021
As the title says these are great value and quality with the usual exceptional service and delivery

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you for the feedback and for the support.


By: on 9 July 2021
For the price, these strings resonate and play well. Longevity, if played with fervour and regularity, is questionable. For their role on my guest guitar, they represent excellent value, and are an organic choice in a plastic world.

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for the review and for all the support. Cheers.

awesome strings

By: on 1 June 2021
Good quality classical strings for a low price, I always get these ones!