Artist MS092 Tilt Straight Microphone Stand with Round Base

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Artist MS092 Tilt-Adjust Straight Microphone Stand with Round Base

Featuring a solid cast iron base and the ability to adjust the height and tilt angle of the stand, making it perfect for vocalists and instrumentalists. The cast iron base weighs in at a whopping 10Kg, so is sturdy enough to hold you mic in place even on full tilt.

It also features a one-hand-adjust clutch, meaning you can raise or lower the stand with only one hand.  The clutch is our highest quality mechanism, making for a more reliable, easy to use stand.  

The Tech Features

Model: MS092

Mic Clip Thread :- 5/8"

Colour: Black

Adjustable Height: 95cm - 159cm

Base Diameter: 25cm

Tube Diameter: 22mm

Base Material: Cast Iron

Total Weight: 10.8 Kg


Tilt Mic Stand Review

By: Kenneth on 5 May 2017
I have been using a tilt mic stand (another brand) live for many years and find them really handy. The problem is that it has tripod style feet which can be an issue with my pedalboard. When I spotted this small footprint round base tilt mic stand, I thought it would solve that problem. Well it did and is a great stand with a small footprint. In order for this mic stand to have a small base and be able to tilt, it has a seriously heavy base. This may or may not be an issue, but understand that it is very heavy and may not be so easy to chuck into a stand bag.

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