Artist LPFDIY Classic Flame Do it Yourself Guitar Kit

About This LP Classic Flame Guitar Kit

Get behind the invention and build your very OWN iconic guitar with these ready-to-go kits. These kits have a base coat and using an oil based paint or finish would be suitable. Cut the headstock to your desired shape.

They include Ready-to-spray unbound bolt-on-neck, unbound and unfinished Solid Tonewood body with Maple Cap and Flame Veneer, two ceramic humbuckers, cream scratch plate, cream back plates, pots, gold coloured knobs, chrome plated tunomatic bridge, Stop-Tail, strings.

These kits are full size.

The Tech Features

Brand: Artist



  • 1x Solid Mahogany body with maple cap & flame veneer
  • 1x Maple neck with eco-rosewood fretboard
  • Quality ceramic humbucker pickups
  • Scale Length:-  628mm
  • Nut Width:-  43mm


First Impressions LPFDIY Classic Flame kit

By: on 1 September 2018
The parts arrived well packed and all complete. This is the first time I have tried to build a guitar, as my son wanted one. I was very impressed with the quality of the body and neck which is main thing I am buying this for. I expect to upgrade the pickups and any other parts I feel like upgrading. The parts supplied are serviceable and do work. The finish of the flame maple veneer is excellent, the neck is perfectly flat and the inlays are flush. I don't know if I was just lucky, as I had expected I would need to do some work to get it to this state. My son has assembled it without any finishing to test it out. It is working fine. The strings are cheap and need to be replaced, but I expected that. My son needed some help with the electronics hookup as the solderless assembly has some minor issues. Female connectors were used for both sides of the connections, so I used some stiff bare wire to mate the connectors, the connectors were not labelled in any way I could see, so some trial an error is required if you don't have a multi-meter (there are 3 connections = 6 combinations). Since I plan to solder these wires and use different pickups in the end, this is not an issue for me, but it could confuse a 12 year old. A minor error in the instructions, the earth wire tunnel goes to the tailpiece not the bridge. I had to explain to my son that it did not matter which was earthed as we are using metal strings. The manual gives clear connection instructions but does not provide a circuit diagram - maybe they did not want to scare customers. It would help if they provide at least a link to a separate wiring circuit diagram in the web page, for someone with good electronics knowledge. I will need it when we swap out the pickups later. I needed to find one so I used this link (first diagram) . If you do build this kit, I suggest you do a trial assembly like we did. We found one of the four screws for the neck to body joint is not griping the body. It is something we can fix more easily when it is unassembled - and not something I would like to find out during final assembly. Overall I am very happy with this purchase. We will take it apart now to finish it, and plan to show the maple grain to good effect. It may not work out given our lack of experience, but it will be a good activity for us, and we can always paint over our mistakes if we need to.

Great Value and fun

By: on 18 November 2017
I was really surprised at the quality of the body on this guitar. The flamed maple was really nice. Now im not sure that my attempts at staining it have done it justice. I still haven't assembled it completely however the neck looks good. Will buy another

Great Quality, but a little basic

By: on 31 October 2016
I bought this kit to build a guitar to use at fly-in fly out shows for my wife. I really love the look and build quality of the body and neck, but this kit is a little dumbed-down. The electronic are all pre-soldered and use a quick connect system and all the holes for all the parts are pre-drilled, meaning any slight customisation, say not installing the pick guard, leaves drill holes in the guitar. Also the body and neck come with a light lacquer that needs to be removed before using a timber stain, or, like me, using Gun Stock Oil that needs to penetrate in to the timber. The kit took a little over two days start to finish, mainly waiting on the Gun Stock oil to dry after each of the four coats, and both the timber parts went togeather nicely. I did a lot of customising, adding locking tuners, Corian nut, Switchcrat toggle switch, Seymore Duncan SH4 JB bridge and SH2n neck pickups, CTS Push/Pull pots, Fishman Bridge with Piezeo pickup, a new 440µ tone cap (2 x 220µ caps in parallel) and a Switchcraft stereo jack plug, so yeah all the electronics :) I have wired with volume controls for each pickup and a master tone for just the magnetic pickups, using an external Fishman preamp for the piezeo. The two magnetic volume pots in the up position split the coils and the tone pot in the up position put the magnetic pickups out of phase. The piezo volume acts as a kill switch Once together, a qiuck check of the neck and body, before setting up, the frets where all level, had a nice crown and no overhang. Setting up the internation was quick and easy, the internation was actually better then on some cheeper brand name guitars I've worked on. I set the action to be at 1/16" at the 12th fret and set the pickups to be 3mm below the strings. This thing has tone to spare with great sustain, almost as much as the Gibson Les Paul standard we own. The neck profile feels fantastic , much better than what I would expect for a $200 guitar kit. Great work guys

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