Joyo JMA15 MJOLNIR 15W Dual Channel Guitar Amplifier Head

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About this High Gain Tube Amp Head

The JOYO Mjolnir High Gain Tube Amplifier is designed especially for metal sounds. It features a straightforward approach with deep low end and searing distortion. This amplifier will give twin coil pickups a thunderous roar and make single coils cut straight through the mix! The JMA-15 is designed with a classical high gain circuit and two channels: Channel 1 is CLEAN, PUSH is used for boosting middle frequency and gain. Channel 2 is distortion and  includes NORMAL and MID CUT  controls. When in NORMAL mode you can obtain fierce modern distortion. Engaging the MID CUT will give you a solid and heavy low frequency. BOOST can be used on both channels. The JMA-15 has 4, 8 and 16Ω impedance speaker outputs, which can power any mainstream cabinet. An effects LOOP is included, but can be BYPASSED when a pure tube tone is desired. Channel switching is easily accessed during performance via the included FOOT SWITCH.The JMA-15 is housed in an all-metal case, and is powered by three ECC83, one ECC82, two EL84, This 15W output, can be used for practicing, rehearsal and performance... 15W tube power is pretty loud, perfect for small gigs to get saturation without cutting punter's head's off lik 100W Tube amps do.

This is why this litte but powerful Amp Head is named after the God Thor's hammer... Mjolnir


Tech Specs

Brand: Joyo

Model: JMA-15


  • Dual Channel(Clean/Distortion) switchable
  • Tube: 3x ECC83,1x ECC82, 2x EL84
  • Independent 3 band EQ for each channel
  • Independent Volume control for each channel
  • Boost function
  • Vintage/MOD distortion mode switchable
  • Send and return effect loop with loop bypass funtion

Speaker outputs: 4/8/16Ω switchable

Rated power: 15W(RMS)

Accessories Included: footswitch pedal

Dimensions: 334.2mm x160mm x 160mm


Sound Demo:


Joyo JMA15 Valve Amplifier Head

By: Ray L on 26 October 2018
You won't believe the awesome output of this head. I've got it coupled up to a Fender 1 x 12 cab with Celestion speaker and wow oh wow. the Clean chanel is CLEAN and the Distortion chanel is DISTORTED, with a myriad of adjustment in between. I can compete easily with a Marshall 40w combo amp in the studio but I've always mic'ed up at gigs as the sound guy has more control, but even without it'll hold its own. Sound quality 5 stars.

Hammer of thor

By: Craig on 23 August 2018
Insanely awesome clean and dirty sound! Loud as hell!!! Nothing comes close for the dosh!!!

Way more versatile and classy than I expected

By: Christaki on 10 October 2017
When I bought this amp I was expecting it to be a a one trick pony, high gain amp. And it does this well. The big shock to me was how great it sounds on the Clean channel. The Clean channel is now my favourite channel. It takes pedals very well. This is a very versatile and it sounds way better than its price point would suggest. The worst thing about this amp is the name. Good luck pronouncing it.

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