Fzone S125BR Brown Leather Guitar Strap

Fzone S125BR Brown Leather Guitar Strap

Made from leather and measuring 2.8 inches in width. This wide style of guitar strap will ensure that you have optimal comfort while playing your instrument and good stability even when shouldering heavier guitars.


Tech Features:

Brand: Fzone

Model: S125BR

Width: 2.8 inches

Material: Leather

Colour: Matte Brown



By: Sarah on 26 June 2019
I ordered this on sale and liked it so much that I got a second one for a different guitar. Looks amazing with white/cream guitars and is heavy duty. The strap pin holes are small and it was hard to wiggle over- which means it shouldn't fall off in a hurry unless you're trying to spin the guitar by the strap, in which case don't. Take up baton twirling instead.
By: sales@artistguitars.com.au

Better than a cheap strap!

By: Alan on 21 June 2019
This one really is genuine leather (smells and feels like it!), as opposed to that cheap PU fakery that features on so many "leather" straps these days. And I like the fact that it's quite soft and supple, which is good for comfort. Length is adjustable over a wide range, so I suspect most players will find it a nice fit. Decent width, too, which makes it easier on the shoulder even with heavier guitars or basses. Recommended.
By: sales@artistguitars.com.au

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