Artist MiniS 3/4 Size Small Body Electric Guitar

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About this Artist MiniS 3/4 Size Small Body Electric Guitar

If you have a little one who seems to show that he or she is a reincarnated rock legend of times past then this is the guitar to start them on the path to rock glory.

The Artist MiniS is a 3/4 scale electric guitar that is superior to others on the market for the same price range. It's construction is a Poplar body, Maple neck and Rosewood fret board.

This guitar can be used with RockSmith.


The Tech Features

Brand: Artist

Model: MiniS

Body Wood: Poplar

Guitar Neck: Truss Rod, Scale Length 23", 41mm Nut, 20 Frets, Eco-Rosewood fingerboard, Maple Neck

Machine Heads: Die-cast Chrome

Pickups: 3x Single Coils

Controls: Volume, Tone, 5-way pickup switch

Overall Length:-  87cm
Scale Length (Bridge to Nut):-  58.5cm
Nut Width:-  4.2cm
Neck Width at Nut:-  2.3cm
String Spacing at Bridge (E to e):-  5.2cm

Weight: 2.55 Kg's

Optional Hard Case: None

Included Accessories: Guitar Lead, Adjustment allen keys



An absolute winner

By: Shano on 4 July 2019
Remember folks it's 3/4 so you're not going to get a full size sound but the playability and quality is excellent not to mention the fun factor ! Setup, intonation and sound was surprisingly good, actually very good. I use it as a practice/travel guitar when but also reckon you couldn't do any better as an introduction instrument for the younger.

Incredible Value

By: Pete Mackintosh on 27 June 2019
I really dig this little guitar. I have had several of my guitar students buy it and now I've bought one for my school. As others have said it needs a set up, fret edges filed and it benefits from heavier gauge strings because of it's short scale. But once you make those changes this little guitar fabulous. And for the price incredible value. Great for a kid or as a traveller guitar

Great guitar for kids

By: Tim Johnson on 12 June 2019
Bought this guitar for my 8 year old son, who really loves to rock,. It’s a fantastic little guitar and he really loves it. At the price I wasn’t really expecting much, but it is surprisingly really, really good. Good tone and feel. We’ve taken it away when travelling a couple of time too - because of the small size it’s very easy to fit in the car along with everything else. And it feels pretty ok even for me to play as an adult - it takes some adjustment going to the smaller size, but it’s not too bad. I’d happily use it as a travel guitar even for me.

3/4 strat style guitar

By: John D'Antonio on 14 February 2019
Good old Artist guitars strikes again! Heaver gauge strings, a set up and service and this thing plays like a dream! This is going to make a great travel axe! Thanks again Artist!!

Guitar for my son

By: Paul on 22 August 2018
This was a pick-up based on my trust in the Artist products I have purchased thus far. This is a great, affordable option for my 8 year old son to start learning without compromising aspects of an electric guitar (tone, equipment, string no etc). Generally great, my only issue is the edges of the fretboard are a little on the sharp side, so I will likely have to look into taking care of that. Sliding up and down the neck isn't the most comfortable, but in general this is a fantastic entry guitar for my boys.

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