Artist LP60 Cherry Sunburst Electric Guitar with Accessories

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Artist LP60 Cherry Sunburst Electric Guitar with Accessories

This Electric Guitar is perfect for Classic Rock, Blues and Heavy Metal of any style.

This electric guitar is a thicker bodied, slightly thick neck and heavier guitar that the original LP60CSB, so it sounds and plays better.  It is used for various styles of music, most notably all the styles of Rock, Blues and Metal. All our Artist LP guitars have a Set Neck for superior sustain and tone, unlike a lot of similar priced LP copies on the market that usually have a bolt-on neck.

Note: the 'Set Neck' design on any guitar type always gives superior SUSTAIN and TONE over a 'Bolt-on Neck' design.

This is a full size guitar perfect for Adults, recommended for Children over the age of 12 (or younger if your child is strong and taller than 1.2m)

It includes all accessories you need to get started:

  • LP60 Electric Guitar
  • Electronic Guitar Tuner
  • Strap
  • Bag
  • Lead
  • Picks

Receive free exclusive access to video lessons when you buy a guitar pack: 

As an addition to buying your new guitar, we are proud to offer you a series of online lessons designed specifically for beginning guitar students. This series of lessons is designed and presented by our inhouse guitar teacher John Holland. John has over 35 years of teaching experience from beginner to advanced and absolutely believes that the basic fundamentals of this great instrument form an extremely useful base for all practising guitarists.
This is what this lesson pack is all about - the stuff that nobody really tells you at the start of your guitar playing journey. Issues like holding the guitar, using a plectrum and some simple exercises to start you off. So whether you're 7 or 70,  take some time to check out the lesson pack and most importantly - be patient and have fun!

Some of this guitar's Great Features:

 It has a mahogany neck with  an eco-rosewood fret board, a 2 way truss rod (which means you can adjust the neck up or down)

 The body is made of mahogany for that warm sound you'll love, and it has a maple tiger stripe veneer for good looks.  To top it off we've added the classic-look cream pick guard.

 Two Wilkinson ceramic magnet humbuckers for a great classic rock and metal tones!

 It has a Tune-O-Matic style fixed bridge (common in most LP guitars) & die-cast machine heads that will help you stay in tune longer and make your tuning easier.

  We include a range of support materials from how to tune, how to read tab, basic chord shapes and more.

includes Free Support Materials

The Tech Features

Brand :- Artist

Model:- LP60CSB2

Neck:- Set Neck, Truss Rod, Scale Length 24 3/4", 43mm Nut, 22 Frets, an eco-rosewood fingerboard, 2-piece Mahogany Neck

Body Wood :- Mahogany with a Flame Maple veneer

Machine Heads:- Die-cast Chrome

Bridge:- Classic tune-o-matic style

Pickups:- 2 x Wilkinson Chrome Covered Ceramic Magnet Humbuckers

Pick guard:- Cream

Controls:- 2 x Volume, 2 x Tone and a 3-way Toggle switch

Included Accessories :- Neck adjustment Allen key's, Guitar Lead, Picks

Bonus Accessories:- Bag, Strap & Electronic Tuner

Colour:- Cherry Sunburst

Optional Hard Case :- LP500BR or LP400BK

Don't have an amp?  Check out our Electric Guitar Pack including everything here + a guitar amp


Awesome guitar

By: Dave on 6 October 2019
Very impressed with this guitar, not sure how they can sell a guitar this good at the price, was very hesitant to take a gamble on buying without trying but the reviews were right. Machine heads stayed in tune and I'm a lead guitarist who bends a lot, action was perfect out of the box, had to adjust intonation but that's easy as, very curious about these M series Wilkinson's that came stock, couldn't find any info online must be new. High output pickups that I'm considering leaving in even though I planned on replacing them. I'm a gigging guitarist so I'm abit picky about sound so will be replacing pots for abit more clarity, stock ones are fine just a touch on the muddy side(or could be me coming from playing strats the past 5 years) wouldn't be a problem at all for a beginner or bedroom rock god, like I said I'm picky. For the price this instrument is amazing

Review Artist LP60 Cherry Sunburst Electric Guitar

By: Wayne Palmer on 24 August 2019
Excellent guitar for the money and could not find any faults with the finish. Very happy with this guitar.

Artist LP60

By: Francis on 23 July 2019
It may be categorised as a beginner's guitar but I was surprised.on unboxing it. It looks gorgeous except for a flaw that's not noticeable. The tone is acceptable and the guitar is playable out of the box. All told it's a guitar to be recommended.


By: Geoff Callaghan on 6 March 2019
LP60 electric Guitar

How do Artist do it for the money?

By: Anne-Marie Kennedy on 4 October 2018
As the owner of a genuine Gibson Les Paul I needed a back up which I could put better pickups and tuners on. I am amazed at the quality of finish and playability of this guitar which I paid <10% of what I paid for my Gibson. It is definitely not at Gibson level. That would be ridiculous. I have owned many expensive Fenders, Gibsons, Duesenberg, Taylors, Matons and other guitars over the years and play professionally and really don't feel like I am slumming it at all as far as playability look and feel of the guitar. The action was a little high out of the box but the luthier where I have taken the guitar to have tweaked made very favourable comments about the neck and frets and also re the finish. Was also amazed at the price. The standard pickups would be fine for a beginner / intermediate bedroom player. I have replaced with Filtertrons for a bit of a twist in tone. They cost as much as the guitar!! All up though for less than $500 I have a guitar that sounds a plays very well. Thanks Artist Guitars.

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