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Artist BJC500DX Deluxe Banjo Arch Top Case

Protect your Banjo Guitars From Damage with this Hard Case!

This Arch Top Case will fit a Banjo and keep it safe and sound. It has a durable wooden construction with a lockable latch (the key is inside the case). It has a compartment for all your accessories and spare strings. This case is designed for a typical closed back banjo, open-back banjos might fit as well, but as they are generally not as deep, they will not be a perfect fit in this case (causing the body to be too low, and the neck to be too high, if you have an open back banjo you would need to add some extra padding to use this case).

Banjo Arch Top Case - Deluxe Range Arch Top Case; High-Quality Vinyl, Green Embossed Velvet, Padded Handle, White Stitching & Gold Hardware.

The Tech Features

Brand: Artist

Model: BJC500DX 

Suited For: Banjo

Material: PVC + Nylon

Colour: Black

Internal Dimensions:

  • Length: 103 cm / 40916”   (not including the extra space cut out for the strap button)
  • Body Length: 44 cm / 17516”   (not including the extra space cut out for the strap button)
  • Width: 35 cm / 1334”  
  • Depth: 12 cm / 434”  


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By: on 21 June 2019
This banjo case is of the highest quality and thanks to the precise measurements given in the Artist description it's a perfect fit!