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NuX Roctary Force Rotary and Octave Guitar Effects Pedal

NuX Roctary Force Rotary and Octave Guitar Effects Pedal

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NuX Roctary Force Rotary & Octave Guitar Effects Pedal

The name 'Roctary' is a word mixed with "Rotary" and "Octave". It is world's first rotary speaker cabinet simulator with a polyphonic octave effect. With NUX's original TSAC Technology, it faithfully recreates the lush swirling sound of the rotating lower speaker and the treble rotor horn in a very real sounding 3 dimensional tone!
With the polyphonic octave effects, you can add a +1 Octave and a -1 Octave to your original sound to make your guitar sound like an organ! 

The Tech Features

Brand: NUX

Model: Roctary Force


  • NuX Original TSAC Technology
  • Rotary Speaker Effects
  • Slow/Fast Switch with Adjustable Rising Time
  • Built-in Overdrive
  • Accurate Polyphonic Octave Effects: +1 Octave and a -1 Octave
  • Buffered Bypass

Power: Battery Power or Optional 9V DC adaptor (negative tip)

Dimension: 12.5cm(L) x 10.8cm(W) x 5.7(H) cm

Weight: 390 g


NUX Roctary

By: on 11 July 2021
Ok so this pedal is just ridiculous value for money. It not only emulates the rotary speaker well and with great adjustability, it can also be used just as an overdrive, with a lovely smooth drive that anyone would want. Furthermore, it can be used as an octave up, down or both. Combine any or all of these at will. It sounds good no matter what you do to it. Built solidly and has dual output or mono to suit most people. It needs 200mA so make sure you have a power supply for that. Once again I want to commend Artist for their impeccable service and rapid response to my queries.
By: Artist Guitars
Thank you for the kind words as we truly appreciate it. Thanks for all the support. Cheers!

NuX roctary force rotary and octave pedal

By: on 21 June 2021
This pedal is just so much fun, I played with it for a good hour and was blown away with its sounds and flexibility. It sits well later in the chain of pedals and is surprisingly low noise. For the price, it does a good job of emulating some more expensive pedals.
By: Artist Guitars
Thank you for the awesome review and for all the support. Cheers.

Great synth pedal for guitar - Correction

By: on 19 May 2020
A correction to my last review of this pedal, NuX Roctary has buffered bypass, NOT true bypass as NuX Loop Core Deluxe that I also have. This has been confirmed by the manufacturer. I still like the pedal for its versatility but has to revise its star rating accordingly.

Great synth pedal for guitar

By: on 17 May 2020
I had been looking around for a synth pedal that has rich organ sound for jazz solo and must have true bypass to keep original sound. After viewing so many synth guitar pedals on Youtube, EHX C9 and Key9 came up but they do not have true bypass. Eventually Nux Roctary was chosen because it has true bypass. It has three effects, rotary, octave and overdrive, all very good. I prefer to use only rotary effect to get clean organ sound with only a little overdrive but no octave effect. A great feature is, using the two foot switches, the rotary effect can be turned on and off independently of octave and overdrive. This is just like having two separate pedals, one for rotary effect and the other for octave/overdrive effect. I'm quite happy with this pedal.

Roctary Force Rotary and Octave Pedal

By: on 6 May 2019
The Rotary effects on this pedal are brilliant! Full control of Leslie horn and speed, along with drive, so the sounds in songs like 'Badge' and other Clapton repertoire are achieved with ease. I'm yet to explore the 'Gilmore' stuff from Pink Floyd, but I don't foresee any problems. The Octave stuff is good in theory; down and up the octave go well, as it says on the tin. My issue is that the balance control doesn't blend the input (normal octave) with the effected signal. This means that if you want, for example, a 12 string effect, it's not possible, because you don't get any dry input signal in the output, blending normal pitch with octave effect. If I can find a way of doing it, I'll let you know!

Authentic Leslie Speaker Sound

By: on 12 October 2017
I am very happy with this NUX Roctary pedal. My Kawai organ has a rotating Leslie speaker so I've been able to A-B the NUX pedal with it and the sound from the pedal gives quite an authentic Leslie speaker sound. The Kawai organ Leslie lacks a horn so the NUX pedal is slightly brighter (but better). Also, the slow-fast (and rise) speeds can be altered on the NUX. A similar sound can be produced using slow and fast speeds of a good chorus pedal (e.g. Small Clone) or the chorus of a Roland JC amp (I have a JC40) but where the NUX pedal shines is in its ability to mimic the beautiful rise and fall of a Leslie as it moves from slow to fast speed and in reverse. The one-up and one-down octave feature of the NUX is a bonus, the drive feature less so since most guitarists have a drive pedal or two already. For the octave feature, the dry signal can be turned on and off so the octave sound can be used on its own or with the direct signal. Only time will tell about the longevity of the pedal but so far I'm quite impressed, especially given that the pedal is about half the cost of other Leslie speaker simulation pedals.

Nice piece of Kit

By: on 12 July 2017
The Roctary is a powerful tool .. The Octave processor is seamless with zero lag and the Rotary effect is literally amazing. I would unreservedly recommend this unit to anyone. Similar quality units can cost over $1000 dollars I have been looking for a while, only down side from my perspective is if you don't have a power supply you will need to buy one, however even then it is extremely cost effective and the quality is astounding

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