Product Description


About this NuX PDI1G Compact Guitar Direct DI Box

PDI1G is an active DI Box to help to convert high-impedance signal to mic level, for running through a microphone input on your mixer. With the speaker cabinet simulation function, you can plug your guitar or bass directly to the mixer thru PDI-1G.

It also has a Parallel output that allows you to split the output to run into an amp or other source. Compact in size, it is a must for recording and live performance!

This is an active DI box, so it requires +48V phantom power or 9VDC to run. (power supply not included)

The Tech Features

Brand: NuX

Model: PDI-1G

  • Guitar Direct Box
  • Hi-Z Input for Guitar and Bass
  • Power Supplied by 48V Phantom Power or AC Adaptor
  • Direct Connection to Speaker Outputs
  • Ground Lift Switch Eliminates Typical Ground Loop Problems
  • Speaker Cabinet Simulation Supported


Reviews (6)

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By: on 7 December 2021
Cab simulation works fine. Good response No problem on delivery.

Artist Guitars Response
Thanks for taking the time to leave a great feedback!

Quality DI Box

By: on 12 October 2020
Excellent quality products at a very good low price. Used in my recording studio. Highly recommended


By: on 29 September 2020
Have wanted a DI box like this for along time.Very useful.

Great little unit

By: on 3 September 2020
I needed a DI box for my home recording, and this NUX unit does the job. I like the option of 48V phantom power or a DC adapter too. Highly Recommend. And as always, Artist Guitars sales and delivery is top notch. Thanks. :)

Great little box

By: on 7 June 2019
I just ordered my second unit. As a simple line balancer it works great. I especially like the DC input option, no battery confusion. I use it on my VOX AC-10, which has a parallel speaker out mod. I set it on -40db. open cabinet sim. and the sound and signal level is just right for sending to FOH. Highly recommended. If you need a bunch of Di's and don't need a transformer conversion, this is a great option at a very fair price.

Great little box at a good price

By: on 28 February 2019
I wanted a straightforward DI box that would allow me to split the output of my pedalboard two ways — one to my on-stage amp, the other to a mixer for FOH sound. This Nux unit does the job perfectly — the pedalboard output goes to the "Input" jack, a line from the "Para Out" then routes to my amp, and the "Balance Out" output takes an XLR cable to the mixer. (There's also an Unbalanced output.) There are switches for Attenuation adjustment (i.e. to accommodate various input sources), for Ground Lift (i.e. ground loop noise issues), and for Cabinet simulation (i.e. open-back vs. closed-back). Power is from either a standard 9V supply, or phantom 48V if your mixer does that. Construction is very robust, and this box should survive normal handling for a long time. In short, this is yet another excellent-value item from AG