How to tune your Acoustic Guitar

Author: Ian Bush  

This is a video on how to tune with an electronic tuner:

Here is a video to tune without an electronic tuner, using harmonics

More on Tuning with Harmonics

Here's a great little trick I learnt about 20 years ago, one of the guys I was working with showed it to me and I have never tuned a guitar the "old way" since.

The basic way you do it is as follows:

First your low E (6th string) has to be reasonably close to tune. If not your whole guitar will be tuned to a different note (which as long as its relatively in tune will sound OK)

Low E, 6th String, 5th fret harmonic = A, 5th string, 7th fret harmonic
A, 5th String, 5th fret harmonic = D, 4th string, 7th fret harmonic
D, 4th String, 5th fret harmonic = G, 3rd string, 7th fret harmonic

So that’s pretty standard, everyone has done that. Here is the secret trick -

Low E, 6th String , 7th fret harmonic = B, 2nd string, open
A, 5th String , 7th fret harmonic = High E,4th string, open

When you tune using harmonics, there are 2 frequencies to listen to. As an example if you tune an A at 440 Hz. and your matching it with an A that is slight out of tune at 442hz, when you play these together you will hear a beat note of 2hz. The closer in tune you get the slower that beat note will be till hopefully you get no beat at all (if it sounds a little chorusy that means you have a very close match but you could get the chorus effect to be as slow as possible).


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By: Anonymous on 15 August 2020
This video goes to black at about the 3min mark. Interesting lesson nonetheless.

No video available in this page

By: Anonymous on 19 October 2016
I am unable to see any view video on this page. Both the videos to tune with electric tuner and without electric tuner is not available here. Can you please upload them or point me to another source?

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