How to Place an Order with Artist Guitars

Ordering through our website is really easy.  If you've never purchased online before, we've made it really easy for you.  Just follow these simple steps.

1. Find the product you want to buy.

You can do this by finding the product in our categories, or simply search for the product.  For example, you want to buy a LP60 Electric Guitar.  You can go to the category: Guitars > Electric Guitars > Electric Guitars

Alternatively, you can search for the product in our search box on the top left of the screen:


2. Click on the product you want to buy.

When you hover over a product it will give you some information on whether the product is in stock or whether you need to choose an option.  You can click anywhere on this image and it will take you to the product page.


3. Choose you buying option (if applicable)

Some products will have more than one option you can choose - it may be a colour variation or extra add-ons.  If there are no buying options, go to Step 4.

If you see these buying options, just click on your preference.  To check if you product is in stock it will turn green as you hover over it.  If the colour is orange this means you can still purchase the product, but it won't be shipped until the date shown.  See more about product stock availability here.

Here we're choosing a product that's in stock:


4. Add the product to your cart

Once you've decided that you want to go ahead with the purchase, click on the big green "Add to Cart" Button or "Pre-Order Now" Button:

If the product is out of stock you will not be able to purchase the product.  You can enter you details for us to contact you once the product is back in stock.


5. Go to Check out.

If you click on the little green shopping cart you should now see your product in the cart.  Just click the Creen "Checkout" button:

You can click on this button at any time to return to your shopping cart.  This is displayed on every page of our website.


6. Add any extras?

You may be shown some accessories that relate to your order.  If you want to add anything to your order just click the green "Add to Cart" button.  Otherwise click "Continue to Checkout" in the top right.


7. Check that your Product(s) are correct.

First check that the items in the cart are correct.  You can see this on the right side of the screen under "Order Summary.  If you need to edit your order just click "Edit Order" to go back to the cart and make adjustments.  


8. Fill out the Checkout Information

Now just fill in your contact details, choose your shipping method and enter your payment details, then click "Confirm and Process Order".

You should now be directed to a confirmation page with your order number. 

If your order doesn't go through check these common errors:

  • Enter your email address in both fields
  • Enter a valid phone number
  • Select your suburb from the drop down menu
  • Select a payment method
  • If you're having problems checking out with Afterpay, check our guide here.

Note: Don't forget to confirm your email subscription to receive your free follow up  support and VIP special Deals.  You can unsubscribe at any time.


Feel free to contact us by email: or give us a call on 1300 489 816.