How can I tell if a product is in stock?

At Artist Guitars we have a state of the art inventory management system which shows real-time stock levels on our website and on Ebay.  This means that our website and Ebay store will tell you if a product is in stock or out of stock.

If a product is displayed as "In Stock", this means that the product is in our Sydney warehouse ready to ship direct to you!

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Is the product in stock?

If a product is in stock an "In Stock" label will be displayed on the product page or next to the listing.  This means that the product is in stock in our Sydney warehouse and ready to ship out to you.

This is what the "In Stock" labels look like:



Is the Product on Pre Order?

If a product is our of stock but we are expecting it to arrive soon, we'll put the product on Preorder.  This can be shown with the orange "Pre Order" label.

We'll also show you the shipping date.  This date tells you the date that the product wil leave the Sydney warehouse if you were to place an order.  We will never put a product on Pre Order unless we're 100% confident that the order will arrive by this date.  If anything the order may arrive earlier!

Here's what the "Pre order" label looks like:




Is the Product Out of Stock?

If the product is out of stock, then this will be displayed with a red label "Out of Stock".  We'll also show an estimated arrival date.  This date shows the time we believe the product will arrive at our Sydney warehouse.  Building guitars and instruments is a very long process so the date on an out of stock product is only an estimate.

We offer a notification service where you can enter you email address and we'll notify you once the product is back in stock.  You can find this notification button on the product page (see below).

Here's what the "Out of Stock" label looks like: 



What about Ebay?

All products listed on Ebay are in stock and ready to ship to you from our Sydney warehouse.  You will never be allowed to purchase a product on Ebay unless we have it in stock.

Ebay products are always in stock!


If you need any help placing an order, check out our guide here.

Feel free to contact us by email: or give us a call on 1300 489 816.