Checking out with Afterpay



Checking out with Afterpay is really simple.  Here are a few details you need to know to successfully checkout:

1. You need to be 18 years or older

2. You need a valid credit card or debit card

3. The limit for credit card purchase through Afterpay is $1000 and $500 for debit card.

4. If you are new to Afterpay the first installment will be taken from your account at the time of purchase.  The remaining 3 installments will be debited every 14 days

5. If you are an existing Afterpay customer (you've ordered and paid using Afterpay in the past) the first installment will be debited from your account 14 days after the purchase date.  The remaining 3 installments will be debited every 14 days.


If your checkout fails with Afterpay you will still need to pay for the order.  To pay for the order upfront you can log into your account or contact us to arrange payment.

If you would like to use Afterpay again, simply redo your order on our website and choose Afterpay as the payment method, making sure you have checked all points above.