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Taylor Guitars worked with Elixir Strings to create a custom string set that brings bolder highs and fuller lows to the Grand Concert and Grand Auditorium guitars. One sign of a great guitar is its ability to sound like the same instrument from the lowest note to the highest note. In Bob Taylor's view, Andy Powers has a natural instinct for how to create that in a guitar (see sidebar), as demonstrated by the uniformity of character in the notes of the Grand Orchestra. A guitar's type and gauge of strings can play an important role in helping to express this.

For the 800s, Andy began by switching from Elixir Acoustic 80/20 Bronze Strings with NANOWEB Coating, which we've been using for years, to Elixir Acoustic Phosphor Bronze Strings with NANOWEB Coating.

"The phosphor bronze strings have a nice, rich shimmer on the high end, with a richer, broader warmth overall," he says.

Andy and the rest of the product development team liked them so much that they made the decision to install the Phosphor Bronze sets on all of Taylor's steel-string models for 2014.

More specifically, as Andy looked to optimize the tone for each body shape within the 800 Series, he explored alternative string gauge options, particularly for the Grand Concert and Grand Auditorium. Andy felt the overall articulation could be enhanced by creating the right tension profile at the bridge. Or, as Bob put it: "He wanted more guts out of the high end."

The Tech Features

Brand: Elixir

Model: 16182

Material: Nanoweb Coated

String Gauge: Light 13-53


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Excellent Service

By: on 19 November 2014
I recently checked online for new Elixir guitar strings and the ordering process with Artist Guitars was easy and fast. I received the order within the delivery time promised and the order was correct. The service was great and the strings are excellent!

Slick Lix

By: on 18 June 2014
On the back of a promotional appearance in my facebook I bought 2 sets of these strings and so far, I'm pretty impressed. As all acoustic guitar players realise, their instrument can sound wildly different just with different strings on it. So, first impressions was a much fuller and better defined mid range than competing brands. Its in this area that normal bronze strings usually fade quickest and I'm happy to say after many sessions that these phospher bronze strings are holding up well. That aside, the biggest plus is the top end. Does better definition, more volume with less marginal string/fret interferance sound good to you? Well, this is the forte of these strings. My favourite thing is bluegrass picking and these strings fit that bill well. Cutting through Banjo and Mandolin playing volumes is no easy task and I'm happy to say the Elixer HD lite does that very well. Though slightly larger on the top end, they retain that light gauge 'feel' that encourages greater experimentation with a lot less hand cramp that is common with thicker gauges. Overall I'd give these strings 9.5/10 with the .5 mark down only for excessively bright sound that seems to be inherent in Elixer strings anyway on my Maton CW225. If you have a very woody sounding instrument I'm sure these strings will sound especially good. Well done Elixer a really great string.


By: on 29 May 2014
Well impressed with the service!!! Will defiantly be back doing business with Artist Guitars again. Excellent service, fast dispatch, couldn't be more pleased!!

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