William L.



William or Will, is a 27 year old Sydney based photographer/video editor.


Although he was born in Sydney, Will spent most of his life in France, growing up in Lyon with sports and cinema as main entertainments. After finishing degrees in Communications and Arts, he ends up working in food photography for couple of years in Paris.


Will started working with us in the warehouse early 2018 and then transitioned in our offices creating content for our social media pages. He also has a couple of other gigs, mainly as a family photographer, a video editor and an art hanger. What he’d love would be to get a little more involved in cinema in the next few years.


His favorite styles of music are deep house, funk or rock, anything you can dance on. When we asked will why he enjoyed working with us he said:  « I’ve always been a freelance and this 9 to 5 gig brings me stability. It’s the first time I’m comfortable working in a company, the ambiance at Artist Guitars is great! »