Why Artist Guitars don’t have coupon codes

At Artist Guitars we don’t use coupon codes. On the odd occasion we may offer a link through our email marketing or Artist Guitars social media pages that will provide a discount but it will always come directly through us and is very different to your average coupon code. An example of when we would do this is when we are working on new models and offer a small discount in exchange for a customer's part in our designer's surveys.

Aside from the example above we offer the same low prices to all of our customers at all times. We like to keep our prices consistent, transparent and fair for everyone so that all our customers get the same treatment.

With that said, there are still a number of unauthorised pages circulating the web that show as “Artist Guitars Coupon Code” or similar (pictured below). These pages have not been approved by us and are usually offering fake incentives so that their web pages get more clicks and in turn make a profit from ad revenue - otherwise known as clickbait. As an example, the first page when searching “Artist Guitars Coupon Code” is offering free shipping which is already offered through our website. Another interesting “coupon code” we came across is a page advertising the same percentage discounts that is on offer through our bargain bin and the link takes you directly to our website where the item is publicly listed. These pages are tricking Artist Guitars customers into thinking they are able to get a better deal through them and they end up making money for being dishonest which is not something that we support.

In summary, don't trust these pages! If we are offering any discounts or specials you will hear about it through our webstore, email marketing or on our social media pages.