Welvin Tipay



Welvin Tipay, also called Ben, is a member of our staff based in Pampanga, Philippines. He is our newest addition to the customer team over there and you might have him on the phone if you call us for any inquiry.

Welvin was born in Àngeles a city close from Manilla. He grew up there with a passion for swimming, video games and mainly musical instruments like the guitar or bass. Which led him to listen to anything he could get his hands on, from pop-rock to thrash metal. He then studied Restaurant and Retail Management and went on to own his own business.

Welvin had been working with us since March 2018 in the customer service department. A position that allows him to spend time with his wife and children. Kind of like a second full-time job. This is evidenced by his favourite hobby: cooking for his family.

When we asked Welvin what he thought about his stay with us he said: «  Most people here are cool. From the CEO to my colleagues. I also love to work in a business that is about music »