Use your NSW Back-to-School Vouchers at Artist Guitars!

Can I use NSW Back-to-School Vouchers to buy a guitar or musical instrument?

Yes! Did you know, parents in NSW are eligible for $150 worth of FREE vouchers to be used for various kids’ school items, such as textbooks, shoes and uniforms, plus tools or equipment specific to sports or other programs (eg. art supplies or musical instruments).

Where can I use my NSW Back-to-School Vouchers?

Applying for your vouchers is very simple, and you can find all the information you need plus a list of participating businesses via the following link:

Artist Guitars offers a huge range of guitars, basses, drum kits and other instruments that are ideal for students, and we offer fantastic beginner packs that include all the accessories and resources that any budding musician will need to get going!

How do I use my NSW Back-to-School Vouchers?

Using the vouchers is easy, simply select “Direct Deposit” as your payment method at the checkout, then send us your voucher QR codes and we will apply them as credit to your order. You can then pay any remaining balance via your chosen payment method on our website, or by direct deposit.

To send us your voucher QR code for your order, contact us via with your order details and we will handle the rest – easy!

If you have any questions regarding the correct instrument choice for your young rockstar, do not hesitate to reach out to our friendly Customer Service team who will be happy to offer guidance and recommendations.

For a full list of eligible expenses that the vouchers may be used for, see the following link:

How can I find out more about these NSW Back-to-School Vouchers?

Simply contact us via any of the following methods and our helpful team will do their best to assist you with your NSW Back-to-School Vouchers.

1300 489 816

Or reach out via the LiveChat feature on our website: