Tuggeranong - Guitar, Bass & Drum Lessons c/o Dennis Walters

Date Posted:28 March 2017 

"I Studied music in Canberra with a teacher when I was young and a when I lived in Los Angeles from the age of 18. I studied Theory at the LA Music Academy. Then I put it to practice playing 3 shows a night, 6 nights a week in Las Vegas at the Sarah Hotel. I have taught music in Los Angles, Portland Oregon and Canberra at many school Colleges. I enjoy teaching, and sharing my experience with my students."

Dennis' teaching school is called “Music Lessons Studio”

Contact number is 0423439946

Email is magicguitar@hotmail.com

Address is 22 Ebenezer Street Bonython ACT 2905


Guitar Lessons:

*All levels and styles. Acoustic and Electric Guitar.Learn to play Rock, Pop, Blues and Country styles.

*Learn Your Favourite songs and Chords, Note Reading and Theory.

*Beginners Welcome.

Bass Lessons:

*All levels and styles. Learn to play Rock , Pop. Funk and Jazz on the Bass Guitar.

*Learn your favourite Songs , Notes and Understanding of Keys and the Fretboard.

*Beginners Welcome.

Drum Lessons:

*All levels and Styles.

*Learn to play popular rhythm’s and beats and your favourite songs.

*Rock, Pop, Funk, Country and Jazz.

*Learn how to read drum music and how to improvise and construct drum solos.

*Beginners Welcome.