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Mike Gordon, Available Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs & Fri

Brief History - Hi, I'm Mike. I started the Learning Lounge 13 years ago and have been teaching for over 15 years. My wife Vanessa is Administrator of “The Lounge” and my 7 year old Zac and 4 year old Mitch come to work with me every day too. I've played live music in duos & bands & have recorded several albums, as well as being a finalist in several song writing contests. In my current band "Steamroller" I play rhythm and lead guitar, bass guitar, drums and do lead vocals and backup vocals. I've also worked in music retail for many years so I can give unbiased advise on all manner of musical topics, from putting a band together, buying a PA, songwriting, recording and buying other music equipment and rehearsing and practicing successfully.

My Educational Philosophy - You are going to invest time and money when you start lessons and I want to make sure you get true value out of your investment. You must understand one thing though- you only get out of it what you put into it. If you copy what someone shows you may think you are being taught, but have you learnt? I prefer to "TEACH" you, but please don't let that scare you, as I will teach you in an informative and fun way! Lessons should be both educational and entertaining! I keep up-to-date with trends so...
* I record your entire lesson as an mp3 file and put them onto your USB memory stick so you can relax and not worry about forgetting anything I've said or played.(the ONLY teacher at the Lounge that offers this service) You can even video your lesson if you want to
* I use a large 22" screen connected to my laptop with programs like Guitarpro 5, Chord Wizard, Powertab and Absolute Fretboard Trainer and many more
* I use software that slows a song right down to a speed you can play along to (as well as doing many other things).The best teaching tool ever!
* I have over 30000 tabs and midi files
* I have 100s of albums to access in my room
* I have hundreds of great sounding backing tracks at call
* I have a proven system of teaching with 100's of handout sheets
* I want students to bring the songs they want to learn on memory stick, Ipod or CD to hook up to my speakers.
* My teaching "System" makes sure my students understand important basic musical ideas and concepts, relating to the music they listen to, NOT just showing them some songs
* I try to entertain and make a fun atmosphere
* I have a photocopier/printer in my room.

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My Favourite Quote - "Practice - the art of absorbing, mastering and maintaining a skill, not just playing a few songs"

My Musical Interests - An A to Z of music I like could include but definitely not be limited to ACDC, The Angels, Bryan Adams, Bad Company, Blink 182, Bon Jovi, Cold Chisel, Cream, Darkness, The Doors, Deep Purple, Eagles, Free, Fall Out Boy, Green Day, Guns 'n' Roses, Grinspoon, Jimi Hendrix, INXS, Jack Johnson, Paul Kelly, Kings of Leon, Led Zeppelin, Metallica, Meatloaf, My Chemical Romance, Pete Murray, Neil Diamond, Neil Young, Offspring, Oasis, Pink Floyd, Queen, Robben Ford, Rolling Stones, Slash, Status Quo, James Taylor, T-Rex, U2, Velvet Underground, Vaughan (Stevie Ray & Jimmy), Wolfmother, XTC, Yes and ZZ Top.

Style of Music Taught - I prefer to teach Blues, Classic Rock, Country, Pop and Funk on guitar & bass to students 11 years of age and over & from beginner to intermediate levels. Prospective students, please note - I'd rather not teach music that I don't listen to. This would include but not be limited to stuff that has swearing and foul language and negative themes and singers who scream, swear or mumble in a growling deep incoherent voice. eg Mastodon, Lamb of God etc. It may sound harsh but the reality of learning an instrument is this. If you can't put in 20 minutes a day/5 days a week then you will not progress. I want you to get TRUE value for your investment. 




"I love going to my guitar lessons every week. It helps heaps with your theory and if you want you can bring in a song you wanna(sic) learn and Mike will give you a hand with his useful tips and pointers" - James W. "I am a middle-aged woman trying to recapture the music of my youth. It's a challenge, but I find MIke Gordon to be a patient and encouraging guitar teacher" - Wendy F. "Mike is a great guitar teacher to have at The Learning Lounge. He teaches you alot of things and makes it fun at the same time. He is also very motivating which helps alot when you are beginning. He is a great teacher and I strongly recommend him" - Kieran H.

Contact Information:

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