Stormfront Productions (Alison Hams & Mark Tempany)

Based in Whyalla, SA (on the edge of The Outback) Stormfront is a multiple award-winning "one stop music shop"! Career Musicians and Recording Artists Alison Hams and Mark Tempany provide music tuition services to all through one-on-one and group lessons in guitar, bass, keyboard, ukulele, percussion, songwriting, performance and recording. Our lessons are provided Online, at our Private Whyalla venue, at Samaritan College and Sunrise Christian School Whyalla - and across remote SA via Port Augusta School Of The Air. Our services have seen us inducted into the Brand SA Hall Of Fame in 2015, win the 2021 SA Music Award for Best Music Educator - and win the 2023 Australian Women In Music (AWMA) Humanitarian Award. Our decades of experience allow us to deliver music in a unique and tailored way to anyone, and we have comprehensive experience teaching children and adults across the widest range of diagnosed issues. Members of ANATS and MTASA.

Alison Hams
0412 132 845

Mark Tempany
0418 700 819