Seb Roca



Sebastian Angelo Roca is a 25 year old Sydney based musician.

After spending a good part of his childhood playing soccer and guitar on the Northern Gold Coast beaches, Seb finally settled in Newtown and took on a double degree at Uni: Business & Commerce.

Seb has been working with us in the warehouse since July 2017 and is now our main asset when it comes to managing order runs. He is the one that makes sure your delivery is prepared and transferred to Australia Post as efficiently as possible. Seb picks and packs for us but also follows his dreams outside of his Artist Guitars responsibilities. He plays regular gigs around Sydney and plans to become a full-time musician at some point.
Here are his social media pages if you want to connect with him or listen to his music which has some strong Jazz influences. You’ll also find some hints of Di Angelo, Rodriguez and of his father, a professional Mexican singer/musician.


When we asked Seb why he loved working with us he said: « I really enjoy the flexibility and the team that give me the possibility to grow my other interests. You don’t have to deal with any ongoing pressure here! »