Rory Brady


Rory Brady is a 25 year old Sydney based musician.

Born and raised in the Inner West, Rory grew up playing soccer and guitar. Music took a very special place in his life as he joined his first bands and then went on to study Entertainment Business Management.

Rory has been part of the Artist Guitar crew since February 2017 as a sales and customer service assistant. If you come over and check out our showroom he might be the one to help you out. He’s young but he knows a lot about the gear we’ve got here.

Outside of the office, Rory pursues his musical career by playing regularly with his band, while keeping in mind his dream of starting a record label. Rory is influenced by all the great musicians out there but in the early stages of his musical endeavours, his hero was guitar legend Angus Young of AC/DC.

When we asked Rory why he liked working with us he answered: « The people are good and the flexibility works around a musicians schedule »