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Learn 1 song in that Free Lesson* (Song offer beginners only)

We would all like to walk up to any musical instrument and make it rock without any prior knowledge of how its done but until the InteGuitar Interfaces that has been almost impossible to do especially on a guitar. The InteGuitar system is set up to get as close to the ultimate beginner dream of playing and getting a good sound out of the guitar straight away. Check the website to see what its all about.

Buying a Guitar can be a an expensive head ache as well. At interGuitar we get a lot of people like yourself who are constantly asking us whats' the best Guitar to buy. InteGuitar is a guitar teaching tool system we are not really interested in selling guitars. This is a huge advantage to you because this means we don't have to be loyal to any particular guitar brand but its important to us you buy the best guitar to use with our system.

So we have scoured the internet to find the best and limited to one version of each three types of the cheapest guitars available so you are not overwhelmed with to many possibilities. That way we know you are going to have a guitar that will do the job. Check the website to see what its all about.​

Beginners to Advanced play at the "Jimi Hendrix-Led Zeppelin Level" of guitar playing in just 4 to 6 months even less time than that. Or maybe you just want to strum a few songs.

BEGINNERS: Learning the guitar will be the best the best thing you have done in your life: I make sure the learning process dosn’t turn into a headache because the beginner stage is the most frustrating see website for details. You do not need to have any musical background what so ever.

INTERMEDIATES: Maybe you can play or… you haven’t played for a while… or you have hit a ceiling you can’t seem to get past. Well I can show you the next level fast.


All age groups catered for lessons are conducted in a Professional Office/Studio Working with kids checked. Rock POP Blues Inde Metal Classical Jazz Reggae Folk Etc. all styles. 10 Years + teaching and performing Guitar Singing & Piano. All music sheets backing tracks etc included. The hours I teach and can be contacted are 10am to 11pm 7 Days.

Musicians have the reputation of having great senses of humor and that best describes my teaching style. I am an easy person to talk to over the phone and we have a lot of fun in the lessons.

CALL 0431-797-414. Any time between 10am to 11pm 7 Days.

*1 x FREE LESSON for people who make a phone call the first point of contact. Learn 1 song in that free lesson (beginners only).


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