Kat Ayala



Beatrice Katarina Lopez Ayla or Kat as she prefers to be known, arrived in Australia from her home in the Philippines as a fresh faced 18 year old ready to rock the world.


Growing up in a large extended family, Kat was surrounded by music. She often went along when her father performed in a local cover band and fondly remembers as an 11 year old sitting quietly at the end of a bar while the music of Steely Dan, Marvin Gaye and The Eagles washed over her. Music bound the family together and Kat accepted this as normal to family life. That the musical quest would play such a pivotal role in her own life was yet to materialise.


Things really began to take shape when she reached Sydney. To speed up her citizenship aspirations she enrolled in a course in contemporary music at Macquarie University. On completion she began her musical journey in earnest. Playing in a variety of different bands Kat began honing her guitar chops inspired by the riffy hypo energy of bands like System of the Down and Audioslave and she cites Tom Morello as one of her all-time favourite


Presently, along with her drummer partner Astrid, she plays guitar in the all-girl punk pop outfit Rackett (www.racket.tv) and has toured extensively, supporting well known bands such as Killing Heidi and The Darkness among others. Kat and Astrid also own and run a studio that is starting to put some important runs on the board. (www.forcesandfury.com) Certainly Kat could never be accused of being idle!


Kat is a great addition to the Artist Guitars team and by her own admission, brings to her job as Assistant Warehouse manager “my own compulsive need for order.” Kat says of Artist Guitars, “I love the enthusiasm of the team and the constant talk about gear and all things musical. All opinions matter – I like that, and the fact that I am so supported in what I do outside is a rare and much appreciated bonus.” Rock on Kat!