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Planet Sound Labs - Yoshi Castellana

My small studio opened with visions to allow people with any abilities to enter, feel comfortable, enjoy & progress with music. I work primarily alongside those with disabilities, recording, teaching & showing all sorts of things around the studio.

I'd found teaching guitar boosts a plethora of good things for each student whether it be a chance for one to build confidence, assist with psychical burdens, relieve stress, become more creative & overall build a well-rounded capacity.

Each lesson is crafted and modified to suit each student. I like to get to know each student, explore their musical tastes, and interests & also work alongside them exploring more the one thing that is practical guitar playing. This allows me to find pathways where we can steer future lessons, confidence & creativity too.

Address: 184 Boat Harbour Drive, Pialba, 4655

Email: yoshi@planetsoundlabs.com.au

Phone: 0411666725

Facebook: PlanetSoundLabs