Enfield - Owen Slater All Age Music

Author: Ian Bush  

OWEN SLATER  All Age Music
Acoustic Guitar, Double Bass, Electric Bass/Guitar
Owen Slater

Owen was born into a musical family with a conductor and a composer for a father who instilled the values and benefits 
of music from a very early age. He grew up in a country town where music and music teachers was a rare commodity and there was very little choice when it came to choosing instruments. Owen started playing electric bass when he was 10 and progressed onto classical double bass when he was 12. Due to the shortage of music teachers Owen had to travel to Sydney for a monthly lesson with SSO Principal Bassist Kees Boersma. In 2006 Owen moved to Sydney to continue his studies with Kees at the renowned Sydney Conservatorium of Music. 

Whilst studying at the Conservatorium, Owen taught at a few Sydney schools, and since then has continually taught at several more schools, Music Schools and Music Studios. Even though he had a strong classical background, Owen has always had interests in music from many genres and styles, and as a result this leads him to explore all the fields of guitar playing and technique. Owen has mastered a variety of genres of guitar from Classical, Rock, Blues to Heavy Metal. He has taught people of all ages including children as young as 5 all the way up to adults in their 50's. 
Owen is a firm believer in building a strong musical technique and coupled with regular practice will develop a high standard of skill and musicianship. Through working with people of all ages, Owen has learnt that everyone learns and progresses differently and that every student needs an individually tailored lesson program that focuses on all aspects of music including theory, technical repertoire and pieces that are not only challenging but also fun.
STUDIO LOCATION:  Liverpool Rd, Enfield (exact address will be provided later upon lesson  confirmation)
CLOSE TO:  Strathfield, Burwood, Croydon, Ashfield, Belfield and Homebush
STYLES TAUGHT:  Beginner Jazz and Classical, Acoustic Guitar, Pop, Rock, Blues and Metal,  AMEB -to advanced double bass, AMEB Graded Exams, Preparation for  University
EXPERIENCE:  Over 5 years teaching experience in Schools aross Sydney, teaching both  single and group lessons for all ages. 
QUALIFICATIONS: Completing Bachelor of Music at Sydney Conservatorium of Music
DAYS AVAILABLE:  Monday - Friday (afternoon/evenings) and Saturday mornings
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