Artist Guitars Shipping Delays

Delays across the delivery network due to lockdown

We hope everyone is staying healthy and safe. We wanted to keep you all updated on how we’re handling the lockdown period here at Artist Guitars.

As you may know online orders have seen a massive increase as a result of these lockdowns. July, August and Septembers order numbers were equivalent to the Christmas period and has been our busiest quarter on record. 

The workload of the warehouse is higher than we have ever seen before and we can proudly say our team are staying on top of things and maintaining our standard of processing all orders within 1 business day. 

Last year during lockdown we had a similar increase in online orders and saw that the couriers were not prepared for that to happen. Thankfully, this year the couriers are now more experienced in handling these circumstances and are able to prepare for what’s to come. 

We have been monitoring our courier services daily to ensure we avoid any lengthy delays for our customers. We received updates from our reps at Couriers Please and Australia Post. They have advised that due to the sudden influx of orders there are some delays with deliveries but have ensured us that they are keeping on top of things by employing extra staff and have opened up new processing facilities.

The extension of the Sydney lockdown has caused a major increase in order quantities for all online sellers. The couriers have responded promptly and are managing very well with this increase.

We’d like to ask our customers to allow a little extra patience with the couriers throughout this time as their workload has increased so drastically. If you are experiencing any extended delay times please contact our staff at 

As always if there are any issues we will resolve them for you. We are committed to ensuring our customers are taken care of and will find the best resolution for each customer.