Advertising Policies

Author: Artist Guitars  

Artist Guitars uses online remarketing campaigns and interest-based advertising to reach customers more effectively.  For more information on Artist Guitars remarketing policies and how to opt out, click here.

Marketing Policies

Artist Guitars uses Remarketing and Interest based marketing to gather data of users who have visited our site, including IP Address, pages visited, and products and product categories viewed for Google and other third party to publish advertisements on sites you visit across the internet.  The third party agencies use cookies to serve advertisement based on the pages you have visited.

We do not use or associate personally identifiable information with remarketing lists, cookies, data feeds, or other anonymous identifiers.

In compliance with Google policies, Artist Guitars does not run ads that collect personally identifiable information; create remarketing lists or ad content that specifically seeks to reach people in ways that are prohibited; create ad content which implies knowledge of personally identifiable or sensitive information about the site or app visitor, even when the remarketing list has been created without using such information; include products which fall into these sensitive categories, such as pharmaceutical products, in any data feeds.

Sensitive information includes interest or participation in adult activities (including alcohol, gambling, adult dating, pornography, etc.); sexual behaviour or orientation; racial or ethnic information; political affiliation; trade union membership or affiliation; religion or religious belief; negative financial status or situation; health or medical information; status as a child under 13; the commission or alleged commission of any crime.

You can easily opt out of remarketing and interest-based marketing by visiting Googles Ads Settings Page or for other third party vendors.

If you have any concerns you can view Google’s advertising policies here, or contact us directly at