How to choose a hard case

How do you best protect that favourite guitar or guitars that you own?

Choosing cases can be both easy and straight forward for many guitars, and for other guitars can be very difficult.

You need to ask yourself the question of what will you be doing the most… gigging, travelling to school or Uni or music school, touring… will I be carrying this guitar a lot?
The hard wooden case is the more traditional case for any guitar. It’s great for storing your guitar at home, in rehearsal storage, in your car. They tend to also be the most aesthetically pleasing type of case to have. They can be a little tiring to carry around a lot.
If you’re going to be carrying your guitar a lot then there are the lightweight hard Foam/material cases. In some cases, they can be stronger than wooden cases in different ways.

Let’s start with the easy and common guitars. With uncommon guitars, you will always need dimensions.

Below are the more common guitars:

1/ Classical Guitar – full size only

.Unfortunately, if you have a ¼, 1/2 or ¾ size we don’t currently have a case to fit here is our range of classical guitar hard cases


2/ Stratocaster (Strat), Telecaster (Tele) size, RG (Ibanez), or any Super Strat guitars like Jackson or ESP:

Here is our range of cases that will fit Stratocasters, Telecasters and Super Strats

3/ Les Paul & PRS guitars:

Les Pauls come in 2 basic sizes, STD's and Custom's with an Archtop, or, juniors and melody makers which are flattops.

See our range of Les Paul Caes

4/ Bass Guitars
Bass guitars are usually quite easy, if your bass is standard looking, the only ones that are difficult are Hofner bass, and Warwick thumb basses.

See our range Bass Guitar Cases

5/ Acoustic Guitars:

Steel-string ‘Dreadnaught’ guitars are the most common type of steel-string acoustic.

See our range of Dreadnaught Cases here

And secondly, the ‘Jumbo’ shaped guitars which are steel-stringed acoustic guitars with a large round end for a louder sound

See our range of JUMBO cases here

6) Odd Shaped guitars

These one are really tricky. We have cases to fit various types of Flying V’s, Explorer’s and Warlocks, but a lot of the other cases are impossible to get (you might need to get an original case which can be expensive, or get a custom made road case which are very heavy in weight)

See the REC350FV case that suite large and odd shaped electric guitars here

And remember, If you have any questions just contact us!


What cases for what guitars Raul takes you through the different options of guitar cases and how to make the right decision. Choosing cases can be both easy and straight forward for many guitars, and for other guitars can be very difficult.