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NUX ZEUSJr NIP-Z6 Isolated Power Supply

Say goodbye to ground noise with the all-new Nux ZeusJr isolated power supply! The little brother to the larger Nux Zeus, the ZeusJr equips 6 isolated switching power transformers to offer a clean and stable power source for your pedals. Featuring three standard 9v/500mA outputs and one 9v/300mA output to the rear, the ZeusJr also comes equipped with an additional two adjustable outputs, which are switchable between 9v/300mA, 12v/225mA, and 18v/150mA, allowing the ZeusJr to power even the weirdest of vintage or digital pedals. 

The main advantage of switching power supplies like the Nux ZeusJr is greater efficiency (up to 96%) and lower heat generation than other power supplies, which feature linear regulators instead of the ZeusJr's switching transistors. Other advantages include smaller size and lighter weight due to the elimination of heavy and expensive line-frequency transformers. The ZeusJr's two stages of isolation topology can eliminate ground loop and AC line noise issues completely!

Simply put, the ZeusJr avoids the usual transients and noise common to switching power supplies by isolating each output to give you the best of both worlds.

The Tech Features

Brand: Nux

Model: NIP-Z6

Power in: 15V - 24V Centre Negative DC adapter

Outputs: Centre Negative DC 9V

  • 3 x 9v/500 mA
  • 1 x 9v/300 mA
  • 2 x switchable 9v/300mA, 12v/225mA or 18v/150mA

Dimensions: 19.1cm(L) x 18cm (W) x 7.3cm (H)  


  • Over-current Protection.
  • Working Status LED indicator (illuminates green when DC cable is plugged in)

DC Jack Measurements: Outer - 5.5mm , Inner - 2.1mm




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