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Nux Reissue Series Plexi Crunch Guitar Effect Pedal

The NUX Plexi Crunch pedal from the Reissue Series offers youhigh gain distortion tone with the character of the famous hot-roded British valve amps from the golden age of Rock.

The pedal features an Analog Circuitry with 3 Gain Stages. It also allows you to get that British High Gain Tone and simulate the distinct characteristics of a Tube Amps Distortion. The pedal also features an Active Tone Circuitry and True Bypass Hardware Switching.

The Tech Features

Brand: Nux

Model: Plexi Crunch

Controls: Master, Preamp, Tone, Presence

Input Impedance: 1m Ohms

Output Impedance: 10k Ohms

Dimensions: x 7.7cm x 4.8cm

Weight: 230 grams

Power Requirements (not included): 9v Battery or 9v DC centre negative Power Supply with minimum 300mA draw


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Plexi crunch

By: on 26 October 2021
This pedal is amazing, gives the high end pedals a run for there money

Artist Guitars Response
Hi there, thank you for taking the time to leave a comment on the pedal. We really appreciate it!

Aimed More At Gain But ..........

By: on 30 August 2021
If you go by the video on the Artist's site page for this (probably this one LOL) you get exactly that. Do watch it as this pedal wants to go to higher gain stages. At this price, it's hard to find any real crunch at the super affordable end of the market. Clean / harder gains get done well but the middle bit is the hardest at any price (why valve amps still sell). Playing around with the red Joyo wah/vol and their Monterey Vibe from here and my fuzz there is loads of the fun you would expect (do take 10 to understand buffered /true bypass doing that as fuzz pedals need to be understood in my experience). Plenty of other stuff uses Plexi too of course but if it can do that you are in the ballpark of where Plexi is I think. Having said all that single-coil neck on my strat with the guitar vol back and preamp on the pedal at 0 the pedal can be tamed well enough. Do your research if not after real gain but I found with lighter picking I can get some crunch territory as well as the gain this pedal excels at and all very useable in any situation I would think. I can only go by my ears. Real solid offering, IMO!

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for the detailed review and for all your support

A Lotta Distortion

By: on 13 April 2021
This pedal looks great & gets some interesting tones, but holy moly does it have a lot of gain! The Preamp control starts with immense saturation & works its way up from there! Not a gradual build up at all. The Master control is what to use if you you want a more controllable sound, just be mindful of the Preamp control - cause it generates a lot of filth pretty much immediately. The Tone control is odd as well, it's more like a voice/contour control, making it kinda weird to dial in good sound. The Presence control behaves like the Tone control should... All in all I found this pedal ok. The Preamp control is far too gainy too quickly for my tastes.

Artist Guitars Response
I'm sorry for the inconvenience but please respond to the email we sent so we can further assist you with this.


By: on 26 September 2020
This pedal and others in the Nux reissue series are fantastic for the price. I have bought many other pedals that mimic the plexi crunch, and this one is the best and the least costly. I also bought the reissue series distortion, chorus, delay and overdrive, and they are great too. Thanks Artist Guitars for including this series in your pedal offerings.