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Nux NMP2 Latching/Momentary Dual Footswitch Pedal

Nux NMP2 Latching/Momentary Dual Footswitch Pedal

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Nux NMP2 Latching/Momentary Dual Footswitch Pedal

The Nux NMP2 combines the functions of a Latching footswitch and a momentary footswitch. Both of the unit's footswitches can be set to function as either a latching footswitch or an Open/Close momentary footswitch.

The pedal can be connected using cables with 1/4 inch jacks.

The NMP2 can be powered by a 9v DC Centre Negative power supply.

The NMP2 can be used with a Loop Core Deluxe to phrase up/down

The Tech Features

Brand: Nux

Model: NMP2

Connection:1/4 inch Jack inputs

Power Requirement: 9v DC Centre Negative (Not Included)


A Good Buy

By: on 23 February 2021
The Belcat FST22 pedal switch that comes with the excellent Artist TweedTone 20R amp works fine in a practice setting but the lead is not long enough or unit sufficiently robust for playing on stage (in my view). The Nux NMP2 footswitch provides a good alternative solution. It's certainly strong and can cope with being stomped on by stray feet (our bass player). I've attached a standard 3 metre guitar cable to the Nux and it works beautifully switching between clean and overdrive settings on the amp. In a perfect world it would operate off battery power, but if you have a 9V pedal board it is compact enough to fit easily alongside other stomp boxes. I'd recommend the Nux, and for the modest price would suggest that Artist Guitars consider substituting it for the Belcat in the combined amp package.
By: Artist Guitars
We appreciate your review on the Nux NMP2 and for your recommendation on us substituting it for the Belcat FST22 switch that comes with the Tweedtone 20R amp. We take all our customer feedback into consideration to further improve our products so thank you!

Ext Foot switch for looper

By: on 28 January 2021
Great product which is easy to use and does exactly what they say. I’m using it with a Boss RC 500

Excellent product at a good price

By: on 10 September 2020
I’m something of a Boss pedal fan so, when I needed a dual footswitch, my first instinct was to get an FS-6. However, the pricing of that pedal caused me to look at this NuX model (at less than half the $$), and it’s proven a winner. It has pretty much the same basic functionality as the FS-6 — the only minor caveat being that, on the NMP-2, the settings for mode (latching/non-latching (momentary)) and polarity (open/closed) apply to BOTH switches, whereas the FS-6 more flexibly allows for them to be set independently for each switch. As against that, the NMP-2 is w-a-y more compact, and also uses external 9V power, whereas the FS6 demands a battery (which is constantly drained unless you remember to unplug the TRS cable, and that’s annoying if you have it installed on a pedalboard). ….. The NMP-2’s all-metal construction is very robust — you won’t break this one easily! I’ve used it with a NuX Loop Core pedal, and also with a Boss EQ-200 10-band EQ (for switching up and down between EQ patches.) ….. Recommended — in fact, I’ve just ordered a second one from AG.

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