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NUX NES-1 Digital Wind Instrument

Finally! The world of woodwind instruments has a dog in the MIDI instrument fight! The NUX Nes-1 Digital Wind Instrument integrates a physical saxophone key layout (along with trumpet fingering support) with Bluetooth, MIDI, a built-in 5.8GHz wireless system, and much, much more! Choose from over 50 sounds including woodwinds, brass, strings, synths, Chinese instruments and other styles to craft your own unique sound. The NES-1 is equipped with two speakers, a 2-inch 5-watt speaker for full-range sounds, and a 1-inch tweeter for high/ultra-high frequencies, eliminating the necessity for an external speaker when in more intimate settings.

To enhance your control over your sound, the NUX NES-1 offers a reed pressure controller in the mouthpiece, together with a pitch bend wheel which is operated with the right thumb. The mouthpiece can be used to control the pitch like a saxophone or produce a vibrato effect. The pitch bend wheel can also be used to change the pitch and introduce portamento. You can even expand the range of the pitch to a major third for unique playing styles.

When it’s time to plug the NES-1 into a mixer or PA, the integrated NUX 5.8GHz wireless technology makes setup a breeze. The NES-1 itself is a wireless transmitter, and at the bottom of the instrument, we designed a magnetic storage compartment for the wireless receiver, which is also used for charging. Simply take the receiver out, turn on the wireless function, plug it into an amp or mixer, and start playing wirelessly up to 4.5 hours on a single charge.

The Tech Features

Brand: Nux

Model: NES-1

Display: Full-colour LCD


  • Life: NES-1 - 6 hours, Receiver - 4.5 hours
  • Recharging Time: 2 hours (5V/2A)
  • Supplied Charger: 5V/2A

Inputs/Outputs: 1/4" Mono OUTPUT, 1/8" Phones, USB-C

Included Accessories: Carrying Case, Mouthpiece Cover, Rubber Blower, USB-C Cable, NUX Sticker, Band, Charger, 2 Mouthpieces, User manual

Dimensions: 51.5cm (L) x 10.7cm (W) × 8.8cm (H)

Weight: 852g / 1.86lbs



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