Nux NDR5 Atlantic Delay and Reverb Effects Pedal

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Nux NDR5 Atlantic Delay and Reverb Effects Pedal

The Nux NDR5 Atlantic features the best delays and reverb algorithms all in a single stompbox. You can choose between 3 delays and 3 reverbs, with the addition of the 'Shimmer' function particularly useful for creating unique atmospheres for your intro, outro and interludes. Tap time function and internal routing complete the picture.

The Tech Features:

Brand:- Nux

Model:- NDR5

Power Requirement:- 9v DC Centre Negative Power Supply (Cannot be used with a 9v Battery)

Delay Options:- 70's Analog, 60's Tape, and 80's Digital

Reverb Options:- Spring, Plate, and Hall

Tap Tempo:- Yes

Input:- TRS, Effect Loop Connection via Y Cable

Output:- Stereo



By: Craig on 8 March 2019
Absolutely beautiful sounds from a ridiculously cheap pedal!!! The shimmer button blows my mind everytime!! Thank you once again Artist!!

Almost Perfect

By: Sarah on 8 March 2019
Five out of five stars but it would be an absolute slammer if it did 100% wet signal for delay to get those lush ambient tones. I've set my to Reverb first (because it gives you the option and why not?!) so that if I use the Shimmer it cascades into glorious overtones by using the 60's Delay setting. Smart Tap Tempo in a sub $200 pedal? Yassssssss. And for the advanced user, you can split out your signal into stereo BUT ALSO have delay and reverb go to different channels of the stereo output. I'm using mine as an AB box with reverb on one and delay on the other, then going into more reverb/delay pedals. I need to give more stars but I can't. Works with guitars AND keyboard, if you were wondering. I made some lush string pads just this morning using the shimmer function and self oscillation. :D :D :D :D :D :D

Love It

By: Matthew Tawse on 20 February 2019
We all know that the NUX Atlantic Delay and Reverb is the MOST beautiful sound going round. The biggest find here though is Artist Guitars. I buy lots of guitar bits and bobs from Aliexpress but am constantly frustrated with the poor responses from suppliers, the complete lack of quality and ridiculous shipping times. Artist Guitars is the intermediary between Aliexpress and the consumer. They appear to stock the same items and their prices are pretty much the same. Occasionally their prices are slightly higher but it is worth paying because they have already quality checked the goods. As an Aliexpress regular I know that it is rare to receive a guitar that is in a playable condition straight out of the box. And heaven help you if there is an issue with Aliexpress. Those suppliers never give you a satisfactory discount and never replace broken goods. So that little bit extra you pay when shopping with Artist Guitars is peace of mind. Great stuff. Very impressed.

Quality and Price!

By: Scotty B on 29 November 2018
This pedal is amazing not only in it's quality of sounds but for just under $200 you get something that matches the the big industry names at every level. If you have a limited board size, wallet spend but want to sound like a pro this little unit is awesome value and will last the distance.

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