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Nux NDR5 Atlantic Delay and Reverb Effects Pedal

The Nux NDR5 Atlantic features the best delays and reverb algorithms all in a single stompbox. You can choose between 3 delays and 3 reverbs, with the addition of the 'Shimmer' function particularly useful for creating unique atmospheres for your intro, outro and interludes. Tap time function and internal routing complete the picture.

The Tech Features

Brand: Nux

Model: NDR5

Power Requirement: 9v DC Centre Negative Power Supply (Cannot be used with a 9v Battery)

Delay Options: 70's Analog, 60's Tape, and 80's Digital

Reverb Options: Spring, Plate, and Hall

Tap Tempo: Yes

Input: TRS, Effect Loop Connection via Y Cable

Output: Stereo


Reviews (14)

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Great, versatile sound

By: on 2 June 2023
Really impressed by the quality, especially for the price. Especially happy as the colours match my NORD, so looks great on stage. Was initially a little disappointed in the sound, but realised it was because I was running it in Mono, not Stereo. Once I switched, the difference was massive. The delays run from very subtle, to really fun intense effects - and the reverb is warm and customizable.

Artist Guitars Response
Thanks for your review! We are glad that you like this pedal. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions, we are always here to help.

Nux NDR5 Atlantic Delay and Reverb Effects Pedal

By: on 10 May 2023
Solid construction and very useable reverbs and delays in a box. The stereo spread of the reverbs is especially nice, as is the input pad switch if your effects loop level is a bit hot. Only downside is the delay times change depending on which delay model is selected. It would be a bit more useful if the delay time was consistent when changing delays. Otherwise, very nice pedal

Artist Guitars Response
We truly appreciate your detailed feedback about the pedal. Thank you for taking the time in writing it.


By: on 27 March 2023
The Atlantic is a goer for me... I needed to save space, tick, plus I enjoy the features, but, here's one thing I could never have seen myself contemplating: indicator LEDs that are adjacent and above the switch... I sit before my pedalboard, because I use my feet for other things and I'm solo.. Therefore, I can 't see indicator LEDs that are above their switches... Yes, I know: I am supposed to be as one with my sound and know where things are at, at all stages of the performance... But, in the heat of the battle, visual cues can be useful.... At some point I can see I will have to go in there, with a view to drilling some more holes, because I am unaware of another pedal that can give what the atlantic does....

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for the review. We really appreciate it.

Bang on

By: on 4 November 2022
I spent a while both online and talking to friends before I chose this. i was after a pedal that did both reverb and delay and this looked to be a great option. Was well priced on the artist guitars website so I figured i would grab it. Arrived within a couple of days and pretty much straight out of the box I knew I had made the right call. I am NOT using it for guitar - I have an old analog synth running through it and it is perfect - really nice rounded full reverb with a clear delay. After playing around for a while i am using the "hall" reverb and "80s" delay settings with the reverb first in the chain and have played around with the levels, repeats, and decay until I have it doing exactly what I want. Is nice when things just work the way they are supposed to

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for taking the time to share this feedback. We really appreciate the support!

Atlantic Reverb/Delay pedal

By: on 20 April 2021
A great piece of gear. Well worth the money.

Artist Guitars Response
Thanks for the support and we're happy to hear that you love your pedal.

Superb unit

By: on 8 April 2021
I’ve bought from Artist Guitars no fewer than 162 times since my first purchase back in August 2013 (yep — I went through my order history on the AG site and counted ‘em). These sales have ranged from picks/strings/pedals through to acoustics/electrics/basses/amps and everything in between. I mention this to illustrate that I’ve now reached the point where, if I see AG selling something, I’m extremely confident that it will (a) do what it says on the box; (b) represent good value for money; and (c) be backed by excellent after-sales service ….. And that brings me to my purchase of this NDR5 Atlantic, which is one of NuX’s “Verdugo” series of pedals (curious name, that, since “Verdugo” means “executioner” or “hangman” in Spanish, but I digress …..) Anyway, I needed both delay and reverb for a new pedalboard but, because of space limitations, my preference was for one pedal combining the two functions. There are plenty of demos of this one on YouTube, so, rather than describing the effects, I’ll just limit myself to some general observations ….. DELIVERY & PRESENTATION: Neatly packaged, and delivery from AG was super-fast (as I’m interstate, I expected to wait a week, but got it next day!). The included manual (in both English and Chinese) is small, but just adequate (of course, you can also download it from the web). There are no cables included, but then I wouldn’t expect them. BUILD QUALITY: Has a strong but lightweight (420g) aluminium chassis, and the dimensions of 105mm x 115mm x 57mm mean that it’s a little wider than your average pedal, but still smaller than having separate reverb and delay boxes. Black powder coating and white lettering with red knobs make for an attractive unit. Knobs and buttons seem of good quality (I haven’t owned mine long enough to judge their longevity). Connection ports (power, input, output, USB) are all grouped at one end, which helps when you’re saving space on your board. Power is standard 9V negative tip, but there’s no option for battery power. The manual doesn’t state what the power draw is — I saw one review that said the NDR5 uses only 6 mA, but that would seem ridiculously low for a digital pedal like this. Website (incidentally, a great site for looking up the power draw for most common pedals) reckons the NDR5 uses 120mA, and that sounds about right to me. SET-UP: Of course, you can just power up and start experimenting with the knobs but, if you want to tinker, there are options to run delay and reverb in parallel, or in series — and, with the latter, you can even specify the order i.e. reverb, then delay, (or) delay, then reverb. There’s also a mini-USB port for downloading firmware updates via your computer — probably worth doing when you first un-box the unit. Incidentally, the procedure for updating the pedal is not in the manual, and it’s not completely intuitive, so here’s a quick summary:- (1) Download the Firmware Update from the NuX support site (both Mac and PC versions available); (2) Start up the Firmware Updater — at this stage, it will show “No device found”, because it can’t yet see the NDR5; (3) WITHOUT ANY POWER CONNECTED to it, plug the NDR5 into your computer using a micro USB DATA cable (note: DATA cable, not a “charge-only” cable!); (4) Hold down the “Delay” and “Reverb” footswitches together; (5) While keeping those two footswitches held down, insert your power cable into the NDR5; (6) The “Delay” and “Reverb” lights should both be flashing, and the Firmware Updater should now recognize the NDR5 and show its name e.g. “NUX – ATLANTIC …- ######## - Device connected”. ….. At this point, you can select the update file that was downloaded along with the Updater, and start the update. IN USE: If you want to hear the effects, go watch the video on the AG site, or browse through those YouTube demos. I’d just comment that the sounds are clean, clear, and of good quality, and you can hear the distinct differences as you tweak the various delay or reverb types. (I’ve tried it with acoustic and electric guitars, bass guitar, and even baritone uke, and it works well with each (given appropriate settings).) And that “Shimmer” effect (accessed by holding down the Reverb footswitch) is just about worth the price of admission alone. (Although the manual says to use it with Plate Reverb, I found it also gives a great sustain on Hall Reverb.) ….. Oh, and I’ve seen online comments that the NDR5 could do with some tone controls but, hey, that’s why I have a 10-band EQ on my board! SUMMARY: A very good value unit, with effects that place it in a category above its Artist Guitars cost point. (And yes, I shopped around on price, and AG came in best.) And no, I don’t work for or have any affiliation with Artist Guitars (I live in provincial Queensland), but I do appreciate good products at reasonable prices, and with the assurance of a three-year warranty. ….. Is this the world’s best reverb/delay unit? Perhaps not — there are plenty of exorbi

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you for taking the time in leaving such an informative and comprehensive revoew. We really appreciate your continued business and support with us.

Great sound, small footprint

By: on 20 November 2020
Definitely a recommended buy; this is another NUX product that does what it says on the tin. It doesn't have as many knobs/adjustments as a separate delay and separate reverb but this is mostly a good thing... especially in live performance. Making up for the lack of tweakability is the quality of sounds provided - and the ease of getting from one good sound to another. The delays are all good representations of tape, bucket brigade and digital devices - and they've been tailored into very useful settings already. Ditto, the spring, plate and hall reverbs. You get to set the important parameters: delay time & number of repeats; reverb time. An important setting is 'Level'... how much of the delay or reverb you want to hear. This is done the way I wish every other manufacturer would do it: the dry signal is always at 100% and you're ADDING the delay/reverb to that (in effect, the delay/reverb is side-chained). This gets rid of the absolutely annoying nature of older "Mix" controls - where your dry signal is balanced against the wet signal. While that might seem a reasonable idea, in performance it's a bloody nuisance: you're playing (dry) at one level, then activate the delay/reverb... and now your dry level drops to (say) 70% to allow for 30% delay/reverb. Yes, it's the correct balance of dry to wet... but you need to turn your amp or guitar up to get the dry signal back to the same level as it was before you turned on the effect! Grrr! Another very cool feature: you can choose to run the delay and reverb in parallel (effectively like two separate signal paths) or series (delay feeds into reverb or reverb feeds into delay - the sequence is selectable). These options provide subtle changes which makes chasing 'the sound' much easier. Enough about the features (there's more). The build quality is excellent, the footprint is very small for all the functionality. And, most importantly, I never felt that the sounds were a compromise just to jam it all into one box. Are the delays as good as the boutique pedals? Not quite. Are the reverbs as good as the boutique pedals? Not quite. Are the delays and reverbs much better than practically anything other than the really high-end pedals? Yes, by miles. They're VERY useable on stage and in the studio. And it's much easier to get a great sound than most pedals. Life's too short to spend much time between songs tweaking too many knobs - and this pedal solves that issue very well. By way of reference, I ran it against a Strymon El Capistan (an $800 delay) with an Eventide H9 for reverb (another $800 pedal). Within ten seconds I had a sound out of the Atlantic that was within 95% of my a favourite lead sound on the boutique guys (a long-ish tape delay cascading into cavernous reverb, but never swamping the guitar). Then I went the other way, starting on the Atlantic: a short slap delay into a room reverb for slightly overdriven aggressive rhythm chunking on the back pickup. It sounded great on the Atlantic... and I was never able to match it - even with 5 minutes of tweaking - on the El Cap/H9 combo. In summary, if you can't get the Atlantic to sound good, you should probably examine what guitar you're playing and how you're executing it. I'd buy an Atlantic (at the price, you're practically stealing it) for its quality sounds... and the convenience and thoughtfulness of design are a real bonus. P.s. I paid full price for it, I don't work for NUX or Artist, I've been professionally involved in live and studio playing for too many decades to reveal here. On another note: The NUX Komp Core compressor is a really great product too. I don't know who does their electronic design, but: Respect! It's the most useful live compressor I've found - and I've tried practically every boutique compressor around. Cheers!

Why would you need anything else?

By: on 24 May 2020
Honestly the best reverb AND delay I’ve ever played all things considered. Sure there might be other pedals that sound slightly (barely slightly) better but when you factor in the price and the features you get coupled with a great sound it’s too good to pass up. I’ve recommended it to so many mates and they’ve all loved it after buying it so I would not hesitate to recommend it to everyone.

Nux Atlantic reverb/delay pedal

By: on 12 February 2020
Great value for money. Quality build and terrific modelling and amazingly versatile. Very fast delivery too.

The best Strymon Pedal you've never seen

By: on 29 December 2019
I hadn't had much experience with this pedal (even though I got it a few months ago), but after some time with it this morning, I decided it was going to be the pedal I was using for my gig this afternoon (I was that confident with the pedal). The only other pedal I used for the gig was a looper. I play ambient/acoustic guitar (nylon string) and this pedal worked a treat. I was happy to use the delay and reverb as standalone effects but I really enjoyed using the effects in unison. The shimmer effect on the pedal is a nice addition. It was really easy to dial in the effects instead of having to rely on digital menus. For my last gig I used 3 separate delay and reverb pedals and the Atlantic replaced them all. The design does look familiar and if it came from a boutique pedal company you wouldn't have much change from $ 500. This pedal was a great find and a steal at this price. Highly recommended.


By: on 8 March 2019
Absolutely beautiful sounds from a ridiculously cheap pedal!!! The shimmer button blows my mind everytime!! Thank you once again Artist!!

Almost Perfect

By: on 8 March 2019
Five out of five stars but it would be an absolute slammer if it did 100% wet signal for delay to get those lush ambient tones. I've set my to Reverb first (because it gives you the option and why not?!) so that if I use the Shimmer it cascades into glorious overtones by using the 60's Delay setting. Smart Tap Tempo in a sub $200 pedal? Yassssssss. And for the advanced user, you can split out your signal into stereo BUT ALSO have delay and reverb go to different channels of the stereo output. I'm using mine as an AB box with reverb on one and delay on the other, then going into more reverb/delay pedals. I need to give more stars but I can't. Works with guitars AND keyboard, if you were wondering. I made some lush string pads just this morning using the shimmer function and self oscillation. :D :D :D :D :D :D

Love It

By: on 20 February 2019
We all know that the NUX Atlantic Delay and Reverb is the MOST beautiful sound going round. The biggest find here though is Artist Guitars. I buy lots of guitar bits and bobs from Aliexpress but am constantly frustrated with the poor responses from suppliers, the complete lack of quality and ridiculous shipping times. Artist Guitars is the intermediary between Aliexpress and the consumer. They appear to stock the same items and their prices are pretty much the same. Occasionally their prices are slightly higher but it is worth paying because they have already quality checked the goods. As an Aliexpress regular I know that it is rare to receive a guitar that is in a playable condition straight out of the box. And heaven help you if there is an issue with Aliexpress. Those suppliers never give you a satisfactory discount and never replace broken goods. So that little bit extra you pay when shopping with Artist Guitars is peace of mind. Great stuff. Very impressed.

Quality and Price!

By: on 29 November 2018
This pedal is amazing not only in it's quality of sounds but for just under $200 you get something that matches the the big industry names at every level. If you have a limited board size, wallet spend but want to sound like a pro this little unit is awesome value and will last the distance.

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