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NUX NDD7 Tape Echo Delay Guitar Effects Pedal

Recreate classic vintage tape delay with the Nux NDD7 Tape Echo Delay effects pedal! This multi-faceted digital delay pedal harnesses 7 different retro tape-head combinations so you can craft your ultimate delay tone!

The realistic infinite pitch-shift feedback means tweaking the TIME and REPEAT knobs will yield different tape feedback and degradation results, and the Core-Image technology ensures accurate tracking, even with the inbuilt parallel spring reverb engaged!

The TAP-TEMPO feature allows you to tap in the repeats tempo on-the-fly, so you can keep up in a live situation without endless tweaking! The NDD7 also has a massive 40-second full stereo phrase loop, 3-band EQ and the OLED display is clear and easy to read.

Control your time, repeats, or volume level with the EXP expression pedal IN (pedal not included), and hold down the ON/BYPASS switch to engage self-oscillating mode! There are also a tonne of hidden features in “Alt-Tweaking” mode, which can be accessed by holding down the SELECT knob.

With MIDI in and out, plus full stereo capabilities the NDD7 is a versatile delay pedal that harnesses the much sought-after delay tones of bygone eras! 

The Tech Features 

Brand: Nux

Model: NDD7

Power Requirement: 9v DC Centre Negative Power Supply (Cannot be used with a 9v Battery)

MIDI: Yes, MIDI IN/OUT, includes 2x 3.5mm TRS/MIDI adaptors

Tap Tempo: Yes

Input: TRS

Output: Stereo TRS

Expression Pedal: EXP input (pedal not included)


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The pedal I didn’t know I needed

By: on 17 July 2022
I chose this over the Boss RE-2. Much more user friendly layout, although in terms of features, it’s closer to the bigger Boss RE-202. The subtle modulation (wurble) is what I enjoy about it. I’ve only used it for the Sam Phillips type sound. Does a great job for rockabilly, surf rock, 50s rock on roll etc, slapback. I haven’t done too much experimenting, but it would be great for any delay really. Reverb is a proper spring reverb, competes well with the built in reverb in my Fender Deluxe reverb tone master amp. I’ve had the NuX tuner previously, it build quality felt cheap. This thing is built like a tank, I’m very impressed. The bypass is buffered, but the buffer is top quality. Absolutely no difference in tone at all. It’s also replaced the Boss DM2W as my preferred delay - a little bit warmer. Great job by NuX.

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