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Nux NAI5 Optima Air Acoustic Guitar Preamp/DI with IR Loader

The Nux Optima Air is a dual-switch acoustic guitar simulator with a preamp for acoustic and electric guitars. It simulates any acoustic guitar tone, and converts it into an IR file with the best-optimized sound, depending on your guitar and pickup type.

NUX Optima Air has a unique profile capture function, so you can create your own acoustic guitar profile (IR file) by capturing your favorite acoustic guitar's sound. The IR loader is combined with a pre-amp that allows you to fine-tune your sound with a 3-band equalizer. There’s also an extra one-knob-control Reverb Effect. Attach any effect pedal using the SEND/RETURN effect loop, and add the Optima Air into the signal chain.

There is an XLR DI output for direct line/mixer connection, headphones output for silent play, and auxiliary input to connect and play along to a music player.

Features and Knob Functions:

  • IR Level: Adjusts the simulated signal (Impulse Response file)
  • LEVEL Select (Push to Save): In manual mode, you can choose the IR file. And you can save your customized preset by pushing the knob
  • Gain: Adjusts the signal input Gain level

3-Band EQ:

  • Bass: Adjusts the low-frequency level
  • Middle: Adjusts the middle-frequency level
  • Treble: Adjusts the high-frequency level

IR Footswitch:

  • Manual Mode: Engage/disengage the selected IR file. Acoustic guitar simulation ON/OFF
  • Preset Mode: Bank Down. Also, if you are editing a preset, you can push the IR footswitch to exit without saving

AMP Footswitch:

  • Manual Mode: Activates the pre-amp section. When you engage the AMP, you can use the Gain and the 3-band EQ
  • Preset Mode: Bank Up. Also, If you are editing a preset, while changing the preset name, you can push the AMP footswitch and move the cursor to the next selection area to choose a letter, number or symbol

(Power supply not included)

The Tech Features

Brand: Nux

Model: NAI5 Optima Air

Sampling Quality: 24-bit, 48kHz

Built-in Profiles: 15 Acoustic Guitar Profiles with IR Level Control

Presets Slots: 9

EQ: Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble

Send/Return: 6.35mm (1/4 inch)

Input/Output: 6.35mm (1/4 inch)

DI Out: Male XLR

Aux-in and Headphone Input: 3.5mm (1/8-inch)

USB Port: Micro B USB Port for Audio Stream and Software Updates

Dimensions: 10.5cm x 11.5cm x 5.8cm

Weight: 420g

Current Draw: < 200mA

Power Supply (Not Included): 9v DC Center Negative (Power supply not included)


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Great little box

By: on 2 March 2022
I did some research before purchasing and was happy to discover that the Optima Air gave a better result than the more expensive comparative items. Very happy with the sound I get (ridiculously much better than the quacky piezo sound of a plugged in acoustic!) and easy to use. Also, I know there's no guarantee of shipping times with all the covid delays, but I was happily surprised to receive it the day after ordering it.

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you for the review. We are glad that the delivery was fast and that you are happy with the product. We really appreciate it.

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