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Joyo RDB2 Pedal Board/Rack for Guitar Effects Pedals

Joyo RDB2 Pedal Board/Rack for Guitar Effects Pedals

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Joyo RDB2 Pedal Board/Rack for Guitar Effects Pedals

RDB2 pedal board has a very special hollow design,  which enables the convenient arrangement of wires.  It' has a unique way of fixing a power supply by using an additional elastic band and suits any size power supply up to 17 x 10 x 6cm.  No need to punch holes in the board.

  • Hollowed-out design
  • Smart, hidden hooks for fixing power supply (power supply not included)
  • Elastic binding band & Velcro Tape included

Designed to fit the RD1 pedal flight case.  Check out the listing for the RD1 + RDB2 Pack a board/case combo.

The Tech Features

Model :- RDB2

Material:-  Powder-coated aluminium alloy

Size:- 56 x 31.6 x 5cm

Power Supply Storage Compartment:- 17 x 10 x 6cm

Compatible Power Supplies:- Joyo JP01, Joyo JP02, Joyo JP04, Joyo JP05 (and many more like T-Rex and the Huge Voodoo labs Supplies) 

Weight:- 2.68Kg

Colour:- Black

Optional Case:- Joyo RD1


5 stars

By: Andy on 17 July 2020
Awesome value for money and well made. Fast delivery and hassle free.

Great quality and ripper price

By: Murray Jon on 4 July 2020
I bought this pedal board in 2018 after looking at other brands (pedal train $200-$300 for same size). Comes with heaps of velcro tape, probably more than you'll ever need. I also purchased the JOYO JP04 power supply and RD1 pedal flight case. $327 total..(in 2018) What a bargain. Every bit as good as the Botique brands, but Sooo much cheaper. Artist Guitars have the best online service and backup as well. I have bought many items from them. Highly reccomended

Joyo RDB2 Pedal Board

By: Meta Sindos on 21 June 2020
Solidly built pedal rack and supplied with Velcro tape

Great value pedal board

By: Dmitry on 28 May 2020
This is my first pedal board and while it turned out to be a bit larger than I expected/needed I am really enjoying it. What sold me is the AC/DC adaptor compartment underneath the board meaning it won't be taking any space next to your pedal.

Excellent pedalboard

By: sean dwyer on 15 May 2020
Very happy with this unit. You get ample velcro mat and teeth rolls and the clever power supply retention strap works perfectly. Will be getting one for my bass setup too! This board will fit about 2x5 normal-sized pedals which is pretty good going for an average sized board.

Joyo RDB2

By: Kevin on 13 May 2020
Well made, and feels pretty strong. All 8 of my pedals, plus a Wah and Volume fit perfectly, and the price, you cant go wrong.

Pedal Board

By: Rick Moffat on 11 January 2020
Although I have had this board for a week or so, today I thought I should set it up. First the negative point as I see it. The power supply mount could be better, I can easily fix this but hey it works. Have mounted some of my pedals, if I mount any more remains uncertain. This is what I need (really don't need anything but hey alls good). I usually play through two amps, have my guitar into a tuner than into an ABY box, A to one amp B to another or both at the same time. one side in a wah, then a marshal blues breaker, to a blues drive, to a rock n' roll drive than amp. Side 2 goes to blues drive to a Trio to amp. Everything fits nice and snug with the supplied velcro, allowing easy moving them if necessary.

Joyo pedal board

By: Sean on 28 November 2019
Superb pedal board, just the right size to fit all my pedals (although I keep buying more and more!) Highly recommend this for both home jamming and live gigging, I'm using it for both.

Pedal board

By: Mark Tibbles on 25 October 2019
Great pedal board. No probs. Well made 5 stars

Pedalboard success

By: Roger rhynsburger on 9 October 2019
My pedals needed a board... it looked like a job for the Joyo RDB2. I also wanted to accommodate a Joyo power supply underneath so that everything (but the guitar and the amp) could be easily moved. Success - while the board strangely features no bells or whistles - it serves the desired function admirably. Supplied with the board was an elastic support (admirably nesting the power supply into it’s designated location) and enough Velcro to restrain a small to medium sized house pet - or as many pedals as will fit along the rails.

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