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Joyo RDB2 Pedal Board/Rack for Guitar Effects Pedals

RDB2 pedal board has a very special hollow design, which enables the convenient arrangement of wires. It' has a unique way of fixing a power supply by using an additional elastic band and suits any size power supply up to 17 x 10 x 6cm. No need to punch holes in the board.

  • Hollowed-out design
  • Smart, hidden hooks for fixing power supply (power supply not included)
  • Elastic binding band & Velcro Tape included

Designed to fit the RD1 pedal flight case. Check out the listing for the RD1 + RDB2 Pack a board/case combo.

The Tech Features

Model: RDB2

Material: Powder-coated aluminium alloy

Size: 56 x 31.6 x 5cm

Power Supply Storage Compartment: 17 x 10 x 6cm

Compatible Power Supplies: Joyo JP01, Joyo JP02, Joyo JP04, Joyo JP05 (and many more like T-Rex and the Huge Voodoo labs Supplies)

Weight: 2.68Kg

Colour: Black

Optional Case: Joyo RD1


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Still Heavy

By: on 11 April 2024
The wording on the ad says that this board rack is made of aluminum alloy. It should be light! I ordered it because my original Joyo Rack was too heavy. I don't think what you sent me IS aluminum ally because it weighs more than original. Also a speaker magnet readily picks it up, very strange. Could the rack you sent me be old stock that is in fact made out of steel?

Artist Guitars Response
I can assure you that what we have advertised on our listing is what was sent to you. We are sorry to hear that you are having troubles with the item. Please feel free to reach out to us by email or by calling so we can assist you with the free return. We do have 100-days free returns customer satisfaction guarantee.

Good gear

By: on 17 November 2023
Solid well built will definitely last

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for taking the time to leave feedback. We really appreciate the support!

Fantastic service good gear

By: on 2 November 2023
I purchased a pedal board which australia post lost artist guitars promptly reissued one which arrived in very short time both the board and the service I received was fantastic great job guys well done

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for your review. We truly appreciate it.

Joyo RDB2 Pedalboard

By: on 10 August 2023
It’s a cracker, replaced a smaller pedal train board with this because I needed something a little bigger, no difference in quality, Velcro is good and the power supply fastening strap works a treat. Thanks people

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for taking the time to leave feedback. We really appreciate the support!

Well designed and built

By: on 18 July 2023
A good deal of thought has gone into the design and construction of these pedal boards. The underside power supply compartment and slats make this a very versitile piece of equipment. They are solid as a rock and come with plenty of velcro to nail things down. Very satisfied customer.

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for taking the time to leave feedback. We really appreciate the support!

Joyo RDB2 pedalboard

By: on 30 June 2023
Great value for money product - plenty of velcro as well which was nice. Perfect size for my current needs.

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you for your comment. We are always here if you have any questions.

Great size for moderate number of pedals

By: on 24 May 2023
Just bought this and currently have a setup of a tuner, overdrive, distortion, compressor, delay, reverb, and an A/B/C/D switch still with plenty of room to add more pedals (which, let's be honest, I will be doing, haha).

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you for your feedback! We are always here if you have any questions.

Does exactly what it needs to

By: on 13 February 2023
Works exactly as expected, and you’d pay twice as much for the same size board from one of the big pedalboard companies

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for taking the time to leave feedback. We really appreciate the support!

Does exactly what it needs to

By: on 13 February 2023
Works exactly as expected, and you’d pay twice as much for the same size board from one of the big pedalboard companies

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you for your review of the pedalboard. We truly appreciate it.

Easy to setup

By: on 4 July 2022
Great to get out of the box and super easy to setup. It has a solid build and doesn't feel like anything will break, while also being easy to travel with.

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for taking the time to share this feedback. We really appreciate the support!

So happy with my pedal board

By: on 1 July 2022
This board is amazing, so easy to setup, perfect size, including everything that is required, and so good value for money. I coupled it with the Joyo JP02 Power Supply and they are the perfect couple together!

Artist Guitars Response
We are so happy to hear that the pedal board works perfectly for you. Thank you so much for the kind words and the review.

Good product

By: on 12 April 2022
Solidly made and will take a fair bit of punishment. Comes with a good supply of Velcro, and a heavy duty rubber band to hold the power supply underneath the rack. Comfortably takes least 10 standard size pedals. I'm happy.

Artist Guitars Response
We are glad to hear that you are happy with our product. Thank you for sharing this feedback with us and for the support!

Joyo Pedal Board

By: on 11 August 2021
This is a great buy and half the cost of some of the competitor's. Artist Guitar's are always raising the bar.

Artist Guitars Response
Thanks for the feedback and all your support. Cheers

Solid Product

By: on 30 April 2021
These are good boards that do the job. They come with 2 rolls of velco strips for sticking to the board and to your pedals, they're pretty sticky so take care when using them. There's also a stretchy band with fasteners designed to hold your power supply in the compartment underneath and there are two holes at the back for access. This can be a bit of a problem if your power supply does not have its power connection at the back like many do, however many newer isolated supplies are thin enough to manage getting your leads through the holes if you need to for pedals at the top as well as getting the power supply lead in. That for me is the only issue with the board design, otherwise I have no complaints, and I have two of these boards now, one for bass and one for guitar and I'm quite happy with them and recommend them for general use.

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for the feedback and the review. Please don't hesitate to reach out if there is anything we can assist you with. Cheers.

Solid Unit

By: on 22 April 2021
Good solid design and plenty of room, even for my bigger pedals. Fits 9 pedals including a full size Big Muff and a double pedal Boss. The power supply sling fits my 1spot 7 easily, although I had to add a spacer to get the cable hole to line up.

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for taking the time to leave feedback. We really appreciate your support!

Joyo pedal board

By: on 22 February 2021
The best pedal board I have every gotten. This pedal board is not only super sturdy and strong but also comes with a ton of Velcro. I love it and it has been nothing but the best pedal I have every seen. Thank you so much artist guitar

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you very much for the awesome review! If you have any questions or need any help, just let us know.

Joyo RDB2 Pedal Board

By: on 18 February 2021
Sturdy and straightforward Aluminium alloy frame. There is a place underneath for the power supply (I use Joyo JP04). A substantial elastic band secures the power supply in it's under board cubby hole. Plenty of velcro to secure pedals in place.

Artist Guitars Response
Thanks for the product review and we are happy you are enjoying your RDB2 Pedal Board. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Joyo rdb2 pedal board

By: on 16 January 2021
Love this pedal board, strong and sturdy construction and i was able to get 12 pedals on it.

Perfect solution for all that pedal goodness clutt

By: on 3 December 2020
Simple design but effective and works well for the price, perfect for cleaning up the clutter of pedals into one unit that makes setup quick and easy.

5 stars

By: on 17 July 2020
Awesome value for money and well made. Fast delivery and hassle free.

Great quality and ripper price

By: on 4 July 2020
I bought this pedal board in 2018 after looking at other brands (pedal train $200-$300 for same size). Comes with heaps of velcro tape, probably more than you'll ever need. I also purchased the JOYO JP04 power supply and RD1 pedal flight case. $327 total..(in 2018) What a bargain. Every bit as good as the Botique brands, but Sooo much cheaper. Artist Guitars have the best online service and backup as well. I have bought many items from them. Highly reccomended

Joyo RDB2 Pedal Board

By: on 21 June 2020
Solidly built pedal rack and supplied with Velcro tape

Great value pedal board

By: on 28 May 2020
This is my first pedal board and while it turned out to be a bit larger than I expected/needed I am really enjoying it. What sold me is the AC/DC adaptor compartment underneath the board meaning it won't be taking any space next to your pedal.

Excellent pedalboard

By: on 15 May 2020
Very happy with this unit. You get ample velcro mat and teeth rolls and the clever power supply retention strap works perfectly. Will be getting one for my bass setup too! This board will fit about 2x5 normal-sized pedals which is pretty good going for an average sized board.

Joyo RDB2

By: on 13 May 2020
Well made, and feels pretty strong. All 8 of my pedals, plus a Wah and Volume fit perfectly, and the price, you cant go wrong.

Pedal Board

By: on 11 January 2020
Although I have had this board for a week or so, today I thought I should set it up. First the negative point as I see it. The power supply mount could be better, I can easily fix this but hey it works. Have mounted some of my pedals, if I mount any more remains uncertain. This is what I need (really don't need anything but hey alls good). I usually play through two amps, have my guitar into a tuner than into an ABY box, A to one amp B to another or both at the same time. one side in a wah, then a marshal blues breaker, to a blues drive, to a rock n' roll drive than amp. Side 2 goes to blues drive to a Trio to amp. Everything fits nice and snug with the supplied velcro, allowing easy moving them if necessary.

Joyo pedal board

By: on 28 November 2019
Superb pedal board, just the right size to fit all my pedals (although I keep buying more and more!) Highly recommend this for both home jamming and live gigging, I'm using it for both.

Pedal board

By: on 25 October 2019
Great pedal board. No probs. Well made 5 stars

Pedalboard success

By: on 9 October 2019
My pedals needed a board... it looked like a job for the Joyo RDB2. I also wanted to accommodate a Joyo power supply underneath so that everything (but the guitar and the amp) could be easily moved. Success - while the board strangely features no bells or whistles - it serves the desired function admirably. Supplied with the board was an elastic support (admirably nesting the power supply into it’s designated location) and enough Velcro to restrain a small to medium sized house pet - or as many pedals as will fit along the rails.

Great Mid Size Board

By: on 15 February 2019
This board is sturdy, well constructed and has all the features of some much more expensive similar type products. Had an issue fitting a larger power supply in the designated power supply spot under the board but managed to work it out and it’s working perfectly. It’s a a great mid size board that can fit multiple boss/ EHX type pedals and still have room for some slightly larger pedals. Has held up perfectly after much stomping, very happy with this product for the price it’s awesome.

Joyo Pedal Board

By: on 26 December 2018
Very happy with this board. It’s large enough to fit a good amount of pedals and compared to similar products it can’t be beaten price wise.

Great Value Mid Sized Pedal Board

By: on 17 October 2018
I bought this with the Joyo RD-1 case (see review) and couldn’t be more pleased. Finally, a sturdy, well made pedal board that doesn’t break the bank. It comes with velcro but I used 3m Dual Lock on it and the velcro for something else. I’ve just finished setting up my board with 13 pedals (3 minis, 3 larger, 7 standard). It’s a tight fit but you could fit 14 MXR sized pedals on this board probably. I also appreciate the space and arms underneath to hold a power supply with the included strap. I could fit a Strymon Zuma in the space perfectly between the snug arms such that the hole on the back of the board lined up 100% with the Zuma’s power socket. It’s almost like they designed this board for the Zuma! The feet are also solid and high enough to allow that extra space at the back of the slanted board underneath for cables etc. I checked out PedalTrain equivalents at the time and these combined with the RD-1 hard travel case were about 1/4 the price (note Pedaltrain hard cases are usually separate to soft case Pedaltrain). I haven’t been able to fault this board at all yet or Artist’s service.

Joyo RDB2 Pedal Board

By: on 13 September 2018
I wanted to have a larger variety of pedals than my current board allows so I was in the market for a larger, double row board. Boy they are expensive. Then I came across the Joyo RDB2 from Artist guitars at a real keen price so I purchased it hoping that it would be OK. It was posted very quickly and received in good condition. Wow, this is an impressive piece of kit, real sturdy alloy construction and a facility to attach your power supply unit underneath. Plenty of velcro tape supplied to attach all your pedals so all you need is to work on pedal layout. Very impressed and would highly recommend this unit. Keith

Outstanding quality, value, and after-sales servic

By: on 20 February 2018
Up and coming quality Chinese brand Joyo's RDB2 pedalboard is a Pedaltrain 2 (original) clone for a fraction of the big brand name price without sacrificing quality, features or aesthetic finish. It's just a practical, fully featured mid sized pedalboard, perfect for home or gigging. I like the fact that you can buy it without any case, although the Joyo hard case combo is simply stunning value too. It comes enclosed in bubblewrap with an elastic power supply retaining strap and two rolls of 5cm wide hook and loop (1 of ea) adhesive backed velcro inside Joyo's protective cardboard shipping box. Praise must go to Artist Guitars too for their RMA return handling. Upon receipt I discovered a cosmetic repair issue with the board I had received. I immediately contacted Artist Guitars. The ethos of any company, but particularly an online store can always be gauged by how they handle it and the customer when a problem occurs. In this instance, the entire RMA returns and replacement process couldn't have gone more smoothly or been facilitated any better. Two thumbs up for Artist Guitars and my new Joyo RDB2 pedal board. I'd buy the same again, but probably with the hard case next time. Very professional staff and 100% reliable company selling quality product who stand behind their return guarantees.

Joyo RDB2 Pedal Board

By: on 26 October 2017
Great Value ! Typical power source will fit easily. Made well - very sturdy. Thnx for the bargain ;)

Solid, well designed pedal board

By: on 7 October 2017
I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the board when I pulled it out of it's packaging. Possibly heavier than I expected but very solidly built. I believe the board will hold up to gigging and some rough treatment. I also bought the Joyo OP04 power supply and it fits into the underside of the board compartment perfectly. The supplied velcro keeps my pedals nicely secured. Not sure why you would pay twice the price for another brand.

Well constructed pedal board even has a place for

By: on 5 September 2017
I have seen pedal boards that are nowhere near as good as the Joyo RDB2 Pedal Board selling for three times the price. I took a punt on the RDB2 and am very impressed. Quick delivery and heaps of rip stich tape. If you looking for a strong pedal board that will give you enough room for a Wah/Volume pedal and a bunch of stomp pedals this is the pedal board for you. 10/10

Pedal Board

By: on 7 April 2017
Solid pedal board and comes with lots of Velcro, definitely would recommend!

Joyo RDB2

By: on 21 March 2017
Great product for the price the only fault I could find and it is only small is it needs to have the straps to hold the power supply included but cable ties work well.

Great Board

By: on 16 March 2017
Velcro is really strong. The board is great nothing wrong with it at all. 5 Stars. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a pedalboard.


By: on 15 March 2017
Very sturdy, lots of velcro, fits my pedals and power supply perfectly (Carl Martin Pro-Power). Very impressed.

JOYO RDB is great.

By: on 11 June 2015
For only $80 compared to over $200 for the regular Pedaltrain equivalent (PT-1) this board is amazing. It feels incredibly solid, and the power supply holder works very well too and allows a very easy install. Plenty of velcro included which is always welcome!

Great Product

By: on 11 December 2014
Great value for money. Very similar items sell for much more. Excellent company to deal with.

Rob pedal board

By: on 10 December 2014
Great product, happy with the fast service, packed well. Thanks will definitely deal with you guys again.

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