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Joyo R26 Monomyth Bass DI/Preamp Effects Pedal    

Every bassist should have a good preamp on their board or in their gig bag. Since the departure from the rack-mounted gear of the 80s and introduction of more portable and user-friendly bass pedals, this style of utility preamp has become a staple for bass players across all genres and styles, and allows the user to always have their tone using any setup at any venue. 

The Joyo R26 is an all-inclusive analogue bass preamp, with utility and practicality at the forefront of the design. This compact and robust pedal is absolutely packed with must-have features for any bassist, including switchable Cab simulation, a ground lift switch, XLR DI-Out, ¼ TS out, a 6-band graphic EQ and mini Gain and Treble boost switches. 

This makes for an extremely versatile and usable preamp with great tones for any player, and the EQ and Voice control makes for easy tone shaping to tweak and fine-tune your personal sound. With an independent Drive channel, you can be certain you’ll cut through, and the all-important Blend control knob ensures you’ll not muddy the mix.

The R26 also features a headphone-out port for silent practice, as well as a Bypass output. With the sturdy aluminium enclosure and bright LED indicators typical of the Joyo Revolution series, this is a gig-worthy pedal that could be your entire rig or the ideal backup for your amp. It runs on standard 9V DC center-negative power supplies and requires only 200mA current draw. 

The Tech Features

Brand: Joyo

Model: R26 Monomyth

Controls: Drive, Level, Blend, Voice, Ground Lift Switch, Cab Sim Switch, 6-Band EQ, Treble Boost Switch, Gain Boost Switch, ON/OFF footswitch, Drive Channel ON/OFF footswitch 

Power Requirement: 9V DC Centre Negative Power Supply (Not Included)

Dimensions: 13cm X 11cm X 5cm / 518” X 4516” X 2"

Weight: 442g / 15.59oz


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Love this thing

By: on 25 December 2023
Got it for my board that i take on away gigs. Absolutely love it. Sounds amazing

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for taking the time to leave feedback. We really appreciate the support!

Joyo R26 Monomyth Review - Absolutely Fantastic!

By: on 7 September 2023
This thing is nuts. I absolutely love the sounds I can get out of this thing! The EQ is powerful, the DI is very solid, the Cab Sim goes hard, the Drive circuit rocks and the routing options are an absolute winner! Would highly recommend as a preamp and even as an ampless solution :)

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for taking the time to leave feedback. We really appreciate the support!

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