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Joyo R07 Aquarius Multi Delay and Looper Guitar Effect Pedal

The JOYO R-07 Aquarius guitar effect pedal is a multi-mode delay guitar effect pedal & looper. Use it as a delay pedal, a looper pedal, or both at the same time. The Aquarius has 8 digital delay effects built in with tap tempo to set the delay time and has 300 second recording, playback, dub, stop and delete. It also features a Tap Tempo function which enables you to adjust the delays speed inbetween the repeats. 

The JOYO Aquarius has 8 different delay settings to select from, they are:

Digital Delay - For crisp note delays, retaining the shape and tone

Analog Delay - For smooth rounded delays, gradually losing shape.

Tape Echo - Sounding like a tape echo, crisp modulating repeats.

Tube Echo - Sounding like a true tube and tape echo, gradually losing shape.

Reverse Echo - It makes everything backwards and shoegazy.

Low Bit - glitchy 8 bit, for some nice lo fi glitch repeats

Galaxy - far out spacey, a little bit of glitchy reverse, out of this world..

Mod - adds chorus modulation to the repeats.

The Tech Features

Brand: Joyo

Model: R07 Aquarius

Loop Recording Time: 5 minutes

Knobs and Functions: Level, Time, Feedback, Delay Mode Selector, Looper On/Off

Power Draw: 100mA

Power Requirement: 9v DC Centre Negative (Power Supply Sold Separately

Dimensions: 10.9cm x 6.7cm x 4.8cm

Weight: 248g


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Beautiful sounds

By: on 31 May 2021
This delay pedal far exceeded my expectations. its my fourth delay pedal I've owned, previously ive had a memory boy deluxe, boss dd200 and empress tape delay. I put it right up there with the empress. The loop function is basic but fun. Highly recommended

Atmosphere pedal

By: on 2 August 2020
The pedal settings and construction are solid and the range of sounds from looping through to ambience and delay is what I expected 10/10

Bang for buck!!

By: on 2 July 2020
Joyo are developing some awesome gear for entry level pricing. The looper does what it needs to and the delays have some great range and tweaks. Very happy

Joyo R07 Aquarius Guitar Foot Pedal

By: on 15 June 2020
Product was fantastic and to the “T” as described in the YouTube videos. I’m very happy with it’s quality and price. Will recommend this pedals to fello Muso’s. Thank you Artist Guitars.


By: on 28 May 2019
Firstly, I want to give this pedal 4.5 stars but it only lets me do 4 or 5... so 5 it is. Secondly, all the delay settings are awesome. I have the EHX Canyon and the TC Electronic Flashback II, which I'm mentioning because the Aquarius sits in this class despite the price tag being considerably lower; the Aquarius is almost as good as these two units, plus gives it's own unique Low Bit lofi setting. To be honest, there's so little in it that if you're not sure how often you'll use delay, this pedal is the best option over the other two. It has smart tap tempo, which is better than the Flashback II has (external tap tempo only) and also better than the Canyon because mine only works when it wants (so again I use external tap tempo on this). The feedback dial lets you get a nice amount of infinite repeats without clipping and it has really lonnnnngggggg delay times available. Whilst I didn't buy this pedal for the looper, that's where I drop the half a star. It doesn't seem to have an undo function (nothing listed in the manual or online) so you have to delete your whole loop if you stuff it up. BUT you can use the looper while you use delay. There's also a noticeable gap when the loop restarts, which I don't like. It's good for quickly jamming out an idea for later and probably not too bad if you aren't doing ambient drones. Hot tip: use the switch underneath the pedal to set to either "always" or "off" before you turn this on the first time, otherwise it looks like the pedal is broken. The lights sync to the delay time in the "sync" mode and it's a bit vomit inducing but not indicative of a faulty item!