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Joyo MA10A Portable 10w Acoustic Guitar and Ukelele Amplifier

The JOYO MA-10 amplifier offers a compact design for comfort and portability.

The amp uses a customized 5-inch full frequency speaker with a rated power of 10 watts ensuring that you achieve an uncompromised tone for your instrument.

It has a 1/4 Inch jack input and features a switchable Normal/Bright Channel for useful tone variation. The MA-10 also has separate high-quality 3.5mm jacks for aux input and headphones out. The aux input will allow you to plug in your media device and play along with your favourite backing tracks.

In keeping with the portable nature of this amp there are 2 hidden shoulder strap buckles that allows for easy carrying to your next jam, lesson or even busk.

The MA-10 series can be powered with either a 9V 1200mA DC Centre negative Power supply or 6 AA batteries. Using 6 AA batteries will give you 3 hours of playing time with the amp. The Innovative Logo on this series of amp will light up indicating when they are turned on.

The Tech Features

Brand: Joyo

Model: MA-10A

Instrument: Acoustic or Ukelele

Switchable Channels: Normal or Bright

Output Power: 10 Watts

Speaker: 5 inches; 60 Hz at 4 Ohms

Power Requirements: 9v 1200mA power supply or 6 x AA batteries (Batteries not Included)

Battery Life: Approximately 3 hours

Included Accessory: Power Supply 9v 1.2A DC ; No strap Included , Guitar Straps Compatible with the Amp


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Great for Renaissance instruments!

By: on 5 July 2023
I use this to give voice to my lute and Renaissance guitar in live performances and it works a treat! Love it!

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for taking the time to leave feedback. We really appreciate the support!

Small Amp/Speaker

By: on 7 February 2022
Needed a small amp/speaker for a Blair Digital Chanter so I could play at home. Does the job, its ok, distorts if you go too loud & really cheap pots. Would I get another one ? No.

Artist Guitars Response
We are glad to hear that you are happy with our product. Thank you for sharing this feedback with us.

Joyo MA10A Portable 10W Acoustic Guitar and Ukelel

By: on 29 November 2021
Great service, I had some issues with this product and the issue was resolved fast, within 2 days, you guys rock, thank you

Artist Guitars Response
It is our pleasure and thank you so much for leaving us this feedback. We really appreciate the support!

Joyo MA10A Portable 10w Acoustic Amp

By: on 11 August 2021
Believe me when I tell you this is value for money... My mate Terry used one for a long time and I decided to get one and mic up my Ukulele, Banjo and Resonator Guitar... Awesome sound highly recommend this product

Artist Guitars Response
Thanks for the review and we're glad to know that you're satisfied with your amp. Cheers

JoyoMa10a 10w portable amp

By: on 26 November 2020
Happy with product And service

Joyful joyo acoustic amp

By: on 23 May 2020
Only 4 stars because of power supply hum.Overall though a great amp sounds great with my zoom ms50g using a hall reverb delay and a smidge of chorus.A great little busking amp for a low price.Goid job joyo!!!

Joyo MA-10A portable amp

By: on 14 May 2020
A perfect match for my Traveler Ultralight acoustic guitar. The volume it puts out is just right to make the guitar project like a good sounding unamplified acoustic guitar, not too shrill and with good clarity, even with no effects at all. On rechargeable batteries it lasts for hours. The downside is the line hum coming from the external power supply, which disappears of course when you use batteries. I used another power supply from another manufacturer and the hum is almost gone (heads-up joyo, pls provide a more quiet power brick). The price matches the build quality (plastic, pots don't feel robust) but the amazing sound more than makes up for the build. Would have given 5 stars if not for the power supply. And Artist Guitars delivers so fast, got it within 3 days and I'm in the northern NSW region! Thanks!

Exactly what I hoped it would be

By: on 16 July 2019
Arrived on time, lightweight but it didn't feel cheap. Played my acoustic guitar through the amp with a cheap Aldi soundhole pickup and managed to get some nice tones on the 'bright' setting with the gain turned all the way up, which didn't distort the sound at all. Didn't sound tinny, as the 'bright' setting seems to boost both the highest and lowest frequencies. The 'normal' setting is more mid-rangey and sounded a bit boxy with my pickup, but it would probably work better for a different instrument or a different pickup. Loud enough for busking, but don't expect it to fill a large room full of people. Didn't hear any buzzing even with the DC power jack plugged in. Didn't feedback with the soundhole pickup even when I put the Volume and Gain up all the way and strummed it hard right in front of the speaker. It would be great for mandolin or ukulele, which I also intend to use it for. It's obviously not the best acoustic amp ever, but it meets all my expectations, and it's really good value, so that's a 5 in my book.

JOYA MA 10A portable Acoustic Guitar amplifier

By: on 26 April 2019
Good sound from this 10 watt amp, plug and play and product is light and portable. Takes AA batteries as well has a 240. volt power chord The down side is that it should have a carry handle although you can use a guitar strap but this look bulky, the other down side is that the 240 volt power chord causes a buzz in the amp which can be hard to tune out therefore I was always using the battery power

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